Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison

The Casper and the Purple models are all similar in terms of construction. A layer of foam rests on top of the base foam layer. On top of these layers is a comfort layer, which is where each company puts its own stamp. The grid on Purple models collapses as pressure is applied in order to provide appropriate pressure relief for each sleeper. The high-quality memory foam used on the Casper models has been designed to achieve a balanced level of support and give contouring hug that won’t bottom out.

The Purple Mattress with a 3-inch grid system is extremely supportive, with a medium level of sinkage at 12.25 inches. The Purple Mattress provides a very unique feel as it dissipates motion transfer but does not isolate you from your sleeping partner. There is little to no effect on movement on this mattress. The Purple Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the best of memory foam and latex to provide the sleep foundation you need. The Purple mattress is designed with Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer Gel (HEP) technology that cradles your body for targeted pressure relief and helps to reduce tossing, turning and insomnia.

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress combines memory foam, ventilated latex, and pocketed coils for a comfortable sleep all night long. The Wave is part of our most popular new Wave line, designed to work with the way you sleep to reduce toss and turn. The foam contours to your body, while the pocketed coils provide the ultimate in comfort and support. A single layer of latex then adds incredible bounce back and cooling airflow. The Casper Sleep Mattress offers a fully supportive sleep surface, ideal for any type of sleeper. The outer cover is made from resilient, breathable materials that combine the cooling properties of Tencel with long-lasting performance and durability to resist wear and tear for years to come.

We’ll compare Casper and Purple from the perspective of sizing, construction, ratings, performance, and more.

Price Range(Queen)$595-$2,595$1,099-$2,999
Firmness OptionsMedium (5), Medium Firm(6)Medium (5), Medium Firm(6)
Standout FeaturesClose conforming without excessive heat retention
Bounce and motion isolation are balanced
Twin size available for all models
The Purple Grid comfort layer is exceptionally temperature neutral.
Balances bounce and motion isolation
Split King available for all models
Casper Hybrid
Casper Wave Hybrid
Casper Element
Casper Nova Hybrid
Purple Mattress
Purple Hybrid
Purple Hybrid Premier
Sleep Trial & Warranty10 year, Limited
100 Nights Sleep
10 year, Limited
100 Nights Sleep
Customer ServiceA+A+

Sizing Options

The size of the mattress may affect its convenience, its performance, and how well it fits in the space. Assessing a mattress’s weight, height, and size options may help you narrow your search.

Choosing a size for your mattress depends on many factors, including the type of bed you use and the number of sleepers in your household. Many companies offer standard mattress sizes from twin to king. But sizing a mattress to fit your bed can be tricky business.

A mattress that is too large or small for the bed frame can be inconvenient. If the mattress does not fit inside the frame, it may slide off the edge, be difficult to maneuver, or take up too much room in the bedroom.

We all know that mattresses perform best when they’re the right size for your sleeping space, so we offer both standard and custom options. Whether you have a full or a queen-size bed frame, twin or an adjustable base, we have the mattress that will fit your sleeping area.


ModelSize OptionHeight
CasperTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Casper HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Casper Wave HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King13”
Casper ElementTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King10”
Casper Nova Hybrid76″ x 80″ | 10 | 90 lbs$900


ModelSize OptionHeight
PurpleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King9.5”
Purple HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Casper Wave HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King12” or 13”

The Purple and Casper mattress companies both offer a range of sizes.

Casper and Purple mattresses offer distinct options to help you choose the mattress that’s right for you. Based on your sleep position, there are two Casper mattresses: Casper and Casper Essential, which have quilted coverings; Casper Wave, which is built with air pockets; [or] the newest addition to our family, The Wave, [which offers] a firm feeling that cradles your body like sitting in a memory foam chair. Purple also has two options: Purple and Purple 2.0, each of which is available in four different configurations based on weight and size.

Casper and Purple mattresses both use firm latex foam at their core. Purple uses a blend of three different types of latex. The Purple 4 and 5 rely on a combination of Talalay, Dunlop, and Monarch while the 3 relies on Dunlop, TrueGel, and Monarch in that order from top to bottom.

Construction and Materials Comparison

While both Casper and Purple specialize in all-foam and hybrid mattresses, their comfort layer methods differ significantly. Casper models use polyfoam and memory foam, whereas Purple consistently uses their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer grid. Here is a detailed description of every model in each brand’s lineup.

Casper Adjustable Bed frame 1

Casper Original

The top of the Casper mattress is made with a blend of polyester, upcycled cotton, rayon, lycra, and recycled polyester from up to 45 bottles per mattress. The cover can be removed and spot-cleaned by hand with mild detergent. Casper recommends using cold water and air-drying the cover since heat could cause shrinkage.

The Casper mattress is designed for sleepers of many sizes, weights, and positions. With a 1.5 inch layer of open-cell polyfoam and a 2 inch layer of zoned memory foam, the Casper Sleep System offers conforming comfort to your body. Its 7 inches of polyfoam support layer will give your mattress a stable feeling surface so you may rest easy at night. The cover is made with a blend of recycled materials and can be spot cleaned with cold water and air dried. 

Casper’s signature support layer is constructed of 7 inches of polyfoam, which distributes weight evenly to provide evenly distributed support. Recognizing that we spend about a third of our lives in bed, Casper worked to develop a mattress that designed around you and provides proper support. The cover emphasizes this by reducing the amount of layers your body comes into contact with while allowing heat to move away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Casper Adjustable Bed frame

Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid mattress is designed to give sleepers the best of both worlds. The thicker top layer of coils gives the mattress extra edge support and helps keep sleepers on the bed instead of rolling off. At the same time, the zoned memory foam helps provide the sinkage sleepers crave for pressure-point relief in key areas.

A combination of coils and foam also has an inherent advantage: Since they are less dense than conventional innersprings, it allows you to get more surface area per pound (mattress weight) than a traditional innerspring mattress.

Featuring a 6″ layer of Pocketed Coils (13.5 gauge), a 7″ layer of Visco Elastic Polyfoam and 2” of zoned memory foam, this mattress combines the bounce of coils with that pressure relieving comfort and immediate responsiveness in foam to give you the best of both worlds. The mid-rise design gives proper spine alignment while the overall firmness benefits back and stomach sleepers. Designed to provide long-lasting comfort, it puts you in charge of your personal comfort preferences for the ultimate personalized sleep experience!

Casper Adjustable Bed frame 1

Wave Hybrid

The Wave™ Hybrid Mattress combines the bounce and comfort of a traditional innerspring with the back support and temperature exchange of memory foam. This mattress has a firm comfort system of three layers: comfort layer, transition layer, support core.

The comfort layer contains open-cell polyfoam in combination with pocketed coils for contouring support. The transition layer is made up of zoned memory foam, which gently supports the body in targeted areas. A firm support core and firmer edge support add to this mattress’ contouring, cooling, and overall durability.

The Wave Hybrid has the perfect blend of firmness to cradle you while still offering good bounce and edge support. The cover uses a blend of polyester, wool, and rayon. The wool helps regulate temperature by wicking away heat and moisture.

The Wave Hybrid has a cover made with a blend of polyester, wool, and rayon. The wool helps regulate temperature by wicking away heat and moisture. The Wave Hybrid’s comfort system uses three layers: a layer of open-cell polyfoam, a layer of open-cell latex, and a layer of zoned memory foam.

Casper Adjustable Bed frame

Casper Element

The Element bed uses the same patented construction and comfort layers as Casper’s other hybrid mattresses. The cover is made from a blend of upcycled cotton and polyester yarn, so it’s soft to the touch, just as you’d expect from a quilted duvet.

These elements combine to create a bed that can withstand the test of time…and night after night of quality sleep.

The comfort layer uses 3 inches of polyfoam for softness, cushioning, and some bounce. The support layer uses 6.5 inches of polyfoam to serve as an even, stable base.

Casper Adjustable Bed frame 1

Casper Nova Hybrid

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress brings together the quality of a luxury mattress in an affordable hybrid design.

The Casper Nova makes you want to never leave your bedroom. The design of this hybrid mattress is crafted with a 1-inch comfort layer of polyfoam, a 1.5-inch layer of zoned polyfoam, a 2-inch layer of contour-cut memory foam, and a 6-inch support core made of pocketed coils surrounded by 7 inches of polyfoam. This design combines the benefits of both a traditional memory foam mattress, and a firm hybrid. The result? A sleep surface that cradles and contours to your body without compromising on support or comfort.


Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is constructed with two unique, patent-pending layers designed to alleviate pressure points and relieve pressure on sensitive areas of the body. Purple’s proprietary material, the Purple Comfort Layer™, adapts to your natural shape and provides continuous support while you sleep.

The Purple Support Layer™ combines durable hyper-elastic polymer with performance foam. This layer supports and stabilizes for a sleep surface that feels springy yet never bottoms out. Together these layers work with the individualized contour of each sleeper’s body.

The Purple mattress features hyper-elastic polymer pillow tops and a hyper-elastic polymer grid base. This design retains the flexibility of latex, without the temperature sensitivity or durability issues. The mattress is made in America and is 100% CertiPUR certified.

At the heart of every Purple mattress is the Comfort Grid*. The Comfort Grid leverages Hyper-Elastic Polymer Tech to provide customized support, pressure relief and heat dissipation for the most comfortable sleep.

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid combines the support and comfort of pocketed coils with the cleanliness of a non-toxic, allergen free cover. The Purple Hybrid mattress has 1 inch of 2 PCF polyfoam as transition foam to prevent a coil directly in contact with the sleeper’s body, and 7.5 inches of pocketed coils for great bounce, contouring, and edge support.

It also has an incredibly soft cover that is infused with silver for superior cooling and antimicrobial properties. The purple sleep technology is designed to help you relax so that you can get more out of your sleep.

The Purple Hybrid is a mattress that combines plush layers for pressure relief with the stability, bounce, and responsiveness of coils to provide a balanced sleep surface. The plush cover is made of viscose, polyester, and lycra that adds contouring to the mattress. The foam transition layer wraps around the coils for added comfort and breathability.

The Purple Hybrid mattress is a great option for side and back sleepers alike. The Purple’s proprietary grid structure conforms to your body, which helps minimize pressure points along your hips, shoulders, and back. With 7 1/2 inches of high-density pocketed coils, the Purple Hybrid gives you extra support where you need it most. The 2-inch polyfoam transition layer also provides a smooth transition from the cooling gel memory foam to the coils below, so you can sit directly on your mattress without feeling any coils!

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

Purple Hybrid Premier 3″

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3” mattress combines the pressure relieving comfort of a memory foam bed and the support of individual pocketed coils. This unique design offers durability, edge support and comfort all in one. The Purple Hybrid Premier 3” mattress is made with an advanced Viscose, Polyester and Lycra blend as well as Purple’s proprietary Grid pressure relieving comfort layer which provides a cooling 11 inch thick sleep surface.

The construction of this mattress also features a 2 PCF transitional polyfoam layer and 7.5 inch pocketed coil system that provides durability and bounce.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3” is a hybrid mattress that combines the comfort layers of the Purple mattress with the supportive layers of the Purple Hybrid. This bed offers both pressure relief and support. It is one inch thicker than Purple’s other mattresses, giving it additional therapeutic pressure relief.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3” mattress has the same cover as Purple’s other models. The medium-feel comfort layer is constructed of 2-inch thick polyfoam.

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

Purple Hybrid Premier 4″

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ mattress combines Purple’s pressure relieving comfort layer with a pocketed coil spring system for the ultimate in pressure relief and support. Designed to relieve pressure points and reduce tossing and turning, this model features an extra thick comfort layer of hyper-elastic polymer that contours and cradles your body.

The advanced firmness technology ridges that are built into this mattress provide additional surface area for the extra comfort layers to react to your movements, resulting in a deeper level of sleep. This model also features a plush quilted cover that provides increased airflow.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4′ mattress is back with its design principles of pressure relief and air flow. This model has a comfort layer that is almost 1” thick made out of a visco-elastic polymer grid. The thicker comfort layer makes it easier to relax into the surface when compared to other models like the Purple 4”, where you have to sink in deeper. This mattress works well for those who like a soft touch as well as for stomach sleepers.

Average Customer Ratings

The customer reviews for the Latex Hybrid Mattress are generally positive. About 75% of reviewers give it 4 or 5 stars, more than double the amount of people that leave lower ratings. Many reviewers note that while they thought they were getting a mattress on the firmer side, they actually got one that feels soft and plush instead. The firmness is given as medium (approximately a 6.5 out of 10) in most reviews, though some mention that their mattress still feels firm after several months of use. Users typically agree that this mattress is supportive without being too firm. Motion isolation is given as excellent across most online

Before you buy a mattress, it’s important to read the reviews of the actual product. Often, these reviews are posted by verified customers. Reading customer reviews for a product can help you understand what options that product might have, how well it performs, what issues you might run into if you choose it, and other key considerations. You’ll likely get better information from customer reviews than from sales pages, marketing materials (like press releases), or user manuals.


ModelAverage Rating
Casper Hybrid4.6/5
Casper Wave Hybrid4.5/5
Casper Element4.5/5
Casper Nova Hybrid4.5/5


ModelAverage Rating
Purple Hybrid4.4/5
Purple Hybrid Premier4.4/5

In-Depth Ratings

Mattress features can have an impact on comfort, support, and overall performance of the mattress. In this section, we’ll explain what to look for when shopping for a mattress. Which features matter most to you may depend on your personal preferences and sleep style. Understanding what features are important to you may help you find the perfect mattress.

CasperCasper HybridCasper Wave Hybrid
FirmnessMedium (5)Medium (5)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation4/54/54/5
Sleep Cool3/54/54/5
Pressure Relief4/54/54/5
Ease of Movement3/53/53/5
Edge Support2/53/53/5
Casper ElementCasper Nova Hybrid
FirmnessMedium Firm (6)Medium Soft (4)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool3/54/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement3/53/5
Edge Support3/53/5


PurplePurple HybridPurple Hybrid Premier
FirmnessMedium (5)Medium (5)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation4/54/54/5
Sleep Cool5/55/55/5
Pressure Relief4/54/54/5
Ease of Movement3/54/54/5
Edge Support3/53/53/5

In-Depth Ratings

The Mattress’s price indicates how technologically advanced it is. Its material composition, layer arrangement, and construction density all impact its price. High-end materials tend to be more durable and often have performance benefits, but they also increase the price of the mattress. Since the size and thickness of the mattress influence how much material the mattress uses, it has a great effect on the price as well. Many budget models use simpler construction techniques, while luxury models are frequently more complex and constructed of more layers.

Prices and Sizing


CasperCasper HybridCasper Wave Hybrid
Twin XL$695$795$1,695
California King$1,295$1,495$2,995
Split King
Casper ElementCasper Nova Hybrid
Twin XL$445$1,245
California King$795$2,295
Split King


PurplePurple HybridPurple Hybrid Premier
Twin XL$749$1,299$1,899 or $2,499
Full$949$1,499$2,099 or $2,699
Queen$1,099$1,599$2,199 or $2,999
King$1,399$1,899$2,699 or $3,499
California King$1,399$1,899$2,099 or $2,699
Split King$1,498$2,598$3,798 or $4,998

The Casper and Purple mattresses are nearly equivalent in price between similar models.The Purple and Casper Hybrid are close in price, but the Casper Hybrid tends to be a bit pricier. The Purple Hybrid is just slightly more expensive than the Casper Hybrid.

Casper’s luxury hybrid models, Casper Wave Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier 3” and 4, cost half of the price of Purple’s models, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3” and the Purple Hybrid Premier 4”.

Casper’s budget model, the Element, is the least expensive model between the two brands, and Purple does not have a comparable model.

It depends on individual preference which mattress is best. For those who sleep hot and prefer a more responsive feel, a Purple mattress may be worth the extra money. However, sleepers who appreciate hug and targeted support may prefer a Casper mattress.

Trials, Warranty and Delivery


Casper ships free within the contiguous United States. There is a $25 delivery fee to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada. The Casper and the Wave Hybrid are lighter, easier to carry in-home and arrive compressed in a box.

Casper is a high-quality sleep that is sold direct to consumers, cutting the cost of traditional retail markups and allowing us to pass the savings on to you. Without the overhead of physical stores, we sell our mattress for one simple price with no additional fees. We started Casper because we believe you shouldn’t have to overpay for a great night’s sleep. $30 delivery fee applies.

100-Night Trial We take the risk. Love it or send it back. You don’t own your new Casper mattress until you’ve used it 100 nights. If for any reason you’re not satisfied within the first 100 nights, we’ll arrange to have your mattress picked up and donated to a local charity. Please note: shipping is not included in the return.

10-year limited mattress warranty from Casper Applies to the original purchaser when purchased from an authorized seller. Providing the owner follows proper care and use requirements, the warranty covers indentations greater than 1 inch, physical flaws that cause the foam to crack, and defects in the cover’s zipper. Additional terms & conditions apply.

Purple Policies

Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ and the Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ come with free in-home delivery. Purple ships free within the contiguous United States. The Purple and Purple Hybrid ship with FedEx and arrive compressed.

Purple Hybrid Premier is typically available in 2-3 weeks, while more time is needed for the Purple model. Delivery times differ between models. The Purple and Purple Hybrid usually ship within 1-2 weeks.

Purple offers a 100-night trial with a 21-night adjustment period. If you decide to return Purple before the 100-night mark, contact Purple customer support. Purple will arrange to pick up your mattress.

Purple has a 10-year limited warranty that applies to original mattress owners of Purple mattresses. Under normal use and with proper support, the warranty covers indentations greater than 1 inch, cracking and splitting. The mattress cover comes with a two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Additional terms and conditions apply.