Tuft & Needle vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Tuft & Needle and Purple sell their own mattresses directly to consumers online. Both companies offer a wide selection of mattress models, including memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring options.

Tuft & Needle and Purple are popular online mattress companies. Both also sell other sleep products, including sheets, blankets, pillows, and bed frames.

Tuft & Needle’s mattresses use their patented T&N Adaptive Foam, which is constructed of multiple layers of polyfoam that adapt to the shape of your body and provide a supportive, pressure-relieving sleep surface. On top of the adaptive support, foam is a layer of memory foam that contours to each individual sleeper. The most common complaints about Tuft & Needle mattresses are the same as those for almost all-foam mattresses: too firm, too hot, and poor edge support.

Tuft & Needle’s mattresses have been designed with the average person in mind. They have a humanistic approach to design and construction that is meant to deliver an unparalleled user experience at an affordable price point. The Original Mattress uses two layers of polyfoam, 2 inches of proprietary foam, and one layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam. The Mint Mattress has three layers of foam: a 2-inch ventilated polyfoam comfort layer, 3-inch gel-infused memory foam cushioning, and a 1-inch base support layer. Both mattresses have a cover made of 100% cotton knit fabric that is woven in Germany.

The purple mattress is made with a hyper-elastic polymer grid system that provides support using the body’s natural shape. Purple claims its mattress is better than memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses. It is not only comfortable but also healthful as it promotes better blood flow while you sleep.

Founded by two brothers in 2014, the mattress has been featured on numerous TV shows including the Today Show and Good Morning America. You can choose from the all-foam Purple, Purple Hybrid — which has a 3” layer of memory foam on top of 3” of polyurethane, and the popular Purple Hybrid Premier. The Premier is similar to the Hybrid in its build but uses a much higher quality memory foam and cashmere blend cover.

Both Tuft & Needle and Purple have three, medium-firm models (4.5’s to 6’s on the 10-point firmness scale). The Tuft & Needle models are the T&N Latex Foam Hybrid and the Purple 4 Ultra.

We’ll compare Tuft & Needle and Purple on the following factors: sizing, construction, customer ratings, performance, and more.

Quick Look

Tuft & NeedleCasper
Price Range(Queen)$595-$1,745$1,099-$2,999
Firmness OptionsMedium (5), Medium Firm(6)Medium (5), Medium Firm(6)
Standout FeaturesUnique Adaptive Foam provides a balance of contouring and bounce
Quality temperature regulation for all-foam models
Customer-friendly price point and sleep trial
Exceptional temperature neutrality
Very responsive compared to traditional foam
ModelsTuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Hybrid
Purple Hybrid Premier
Sleep Trial & Warranty10 year, Limited
10-year warranty
10 year, Limited
100 Nights Sleep
Customer ServiceA+A+

Sizing Options

A mattress’s thickness may add or subtract a layer of support to a sleeper. A thicker mattress may improve comfort for some sleepers, particularly those who distribute their weight evenly throughout the bed. However, this also means a thicker mattress is less likely to conform to the contours of the sleeper’s body and substantially limits any hip rotation.

The height and size of a mattress are important factors to consider when buying a new bed.

The dimensions of a mattress may play a role in how well it fits in your room and how it performs. A mattress’s height influences its convenience and performance.

A mattress’s thickness may influence its durability. Thick mattresses may last longer than thinner models. They are also more likely to provide support and comfort, particularly in those with mobility issues. However, thicker mattresses may be more expensive than thinner ones.

Having a mattress that’s too short for its foundation can lead to it falling off. Likewise, an oversized mattress may not fit inside a room.

A mattress’s thickness can influence how easy it is to lift and change position on it. Models with thicker sidewalls may be easier for children, older individuals and adults who have mobility issues to lift up and change positions upon. Thicker mattresses may also require a deeper box spring or slatted foundation to lie flat.

Tuft & Needle

ModelSize OptionHeight
Tuft & NeedleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King10”
MintTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King12”
Tuft & Needle HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King12”


ModelSize OptionHeight
PurpleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King9.5”
Purple HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Casper Wave HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King12” or 13”

Construction and Materials Comparison

When buying a new mattress, it’s important to educate yourself on the materials that make up the mattress. If there are terms and materials you don’t recognize, ask about them and learn their function. When you better understand these common bedding materials, you will have a better idea of which mattresses might be right for you.

Mattresses are some of the most popular choices among consumers because of their comfort and support. The foam responds to heat and weight to contour to a sleeper’s body, keeping pressure off the joints while providing gentle support. It can also help relieve pressure points, making it possible to spend a full night in a single position. The material may also be beneficial for people who move around during the night or struggle with common aches and pains.

It is a common material found in mattresses. Polyfoam is used to make comfort layers as well as support layers. The support layer, which is in direct contact with the sleeper, is usually a denser polyfoam.

It is typically less expensive than memory foam or higher-density polyfoam. While natural latex does not respond as quickly as memory foam does to pressure, the memory response may be too dramatic for some people. Natural latex is often more durable than Polyfoam because it does not absorb body oils, moisture, and bacteria as rapidly due to its larger pores.

Coils are a traditional mattress material that remains popular today. The durability depends largely on the quality, but a high-quality coil layer can be quite durable. A coil layer often gives a bed more bounce, edge support, and breathability, but it may lead to more motion transfer and noise which could cause disturbances during the night.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle Original
Tuff Needles Adjustable Frame

The Tuft & Needle is an all-foam model constructed of two layers. The comfort layer uses 3 inches of T&N Adaptive foam. This polyfoam is engineered to contour to the body for pressure relief while springing back more quickly than memory foam. This open-cell foam is infused with graphite and gel to pull heat away from the sleeper’s body and allow it to dissipate. A 7-inch layer of polyfoam serves as the support layer, reinforcing the sleep surface.

The mattress is encased in a cover that uses a blend of micro polyamide and polyester. This cover is soft to the touch while allowing cooling air circulation into the mattress.

Tuft & Needle Mint
Tuff Needles Adjustable Frame

The Mint’s feel is soft and bouncy, similar to the Original’s, but it does have more bounce to it. This means that you may find yourself sinking a little deeper into the mattress than with the Original. The support of this model is top notch. No matter what position I put myself in, I found zero pressure points and enjoyed complete spine contouring.

I also never felt like I was going to roll out of bed (and I tend to sleep on my stomach) while using the Mint. These features are unique characteristics of a foam mattress that most spring alternatives don’t have.

Tuft & Needle Hybrid
Tuff Needles Adjustable Frame

The Hybrid mattress is a hybrid of coil and foam design. The 1-inch thick pillow top layer features coils infused with carbon fiber and graphite, which gives the pillow top a plusher feel while cooling its surface. The comfort layer is made up of T&N Adaptive foam that contours to the body while quickly regaining its shape. This layer contains technology that wicks heat away from the sleeper, allowing them to sleep cool throughout the night. 

The Hybrid mattress uses a hybrid design that combines multiple layers of foam and coils. The 1-inch thick pillow top contains foam infused with carbon fiber and graphite. This creates a plusher feel while cooling the surface. It also allows the bed to move less, which decreases motion transfer.

The Hybrid gives you a bed that is both cool and comfortable. The top of the bed contains foam infused with carbon fiber and graphite. This technology provides both lower temperatures and a cooler feel by keeping heat away from your body. The 1-inch thick pillow top is comfortable without bottoming out and the T&N Adaptive foam layers are designed to contour to your body for personalized support.


The Purple Mattress
Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

The Purple Mattress has a soft appearance with a wave-like texture. Upon closer look, I noticed the peaks of the waves were very firm, while the valleys still maintain a softer feel. My hands sank into the foam just over 2 inches (I chose to lay on my side when testing). The grid is responsive and contours to my body which was relieving. I sink about 3 inches into the core, and feel it beneath me. The transition layer helped stably keep my position throughout the night, which was nice.

The first layer is 2 inches of Purple’s proprietary polymer grid, known as hyper-elastic polymer, which adapts to the body’s natural movements. The second layer is a 3.5 inch transition section that is a 1.8 PCF polyfoam material to provide contouring and pressure relief. The third layer is a 4 inch 2 PCF polyfoam layer to provide the support base for the mattress.

Purple Hybrid
Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is designed for sleepers who like a balance between the pressure relief of memory foam and the responsive feel of coils.

The Purple Hybrid is a flexible, comfortable mattress, but those who like sleeping on their stomachs or sides should be aware that they will sink in significantly. Those who prefer deep layers of comfort might also think that this mattress doesn’t provide enough feel of sinking in.

The Purple Hybrid has a medium firmness, which is appropriate for most sleepers. The softness of the Purple Grid layer on top combines with the pocketed coil layer below to give the mattress an average firmness rating of 6.25 out of 10. Sleepers can individually adjust the firmness by sleeping on different parts of the bed.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3”
Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

The Green Hybrid Plus 3” has a similar construction to the Purple Hybrid, with the same stretchy outer cover, 1-inch transition layer, and 5-inch pocket coil layer. The two major differences are a thinner top comfort layer (one inch compared to two inches) and more of it (10 inches total, compared to only seven on the Purple Hybrid).

The Purple Hybrid Premier is a very comfortable mattress and works well for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers will find that the extra cushioning in the comfort layer adheres nicely to the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers will also enjoy the 3-inch comfort layer because it relieves pressure on the lumbar area. Stomach sleepers may not like the Purple Hybrid Premier, because it doesn’t offer enough pressure relief.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4”

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4” is an all-foam mattress, and like the other Purple models, it uses just two materials: foam and polyester. Both are CertiPUR-US certified for safety and durability. The foam feels soft due to the gel-quilted cover and the memory foam in the comfort layer.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4” is a great option for those seeking an average amount of pressure relief to go along with the softest feel.”

Average Customer Ratings

Reviews on mattresses can be rather subjective. What one person loves and appreciates may not be the same for others. Even if the overall rating of a mattress seems great, the review text may be a bit further apart from what you’re looking for. By taking a closer look at the reviews, potential customers can get a better picture of what their mattress will feel like.

Mattress reviews can be a powerful tool for potential buyers. By searching online, consumers can assess what customers like and don’t like in their mattresses. There are several characteristics of mattresses that customers tend to focus on when writing reviews. They may mention how the mattress feels overall (i.e., too firm, too soft, etc.) or the features that they believe contribute to overall comfort. Consumers should note that while mattress reviews can be insight into how well they sleep at night, these comments may not be conclusive in helping them pick a mattress due to personal preferences.

Reviews can be a helpful tool for mattress buyers, and the best ones should highlight specific performance traits that matter to each individual.

In addition to using the numerical ratings, potential customers may also rely on the written reviews for more specific information. These reviews can highlight specific characteristics that may affect how comfortable a mattress feels, such as temperature neutrality, bounce, support, and motion isolation.

Tuft & Needle

ModelAverage Rating
T&N Mattress4.6/5
Mint Mattress4.6/5
Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress4.6/5


ModelAverage Rating
Purple Mattress4.3/5
Purple Hybrid4.4/5
Purple Hybrid Premier4.4/5

In-Depth Ratings

A comfortable mattress is an obvious choice when shopping for one. However, many consumers underestimate the importance of these criteria when choosing a mattress. You should try out a variety of mattresses to compare your experience and how each mattress feels to you. People have different comfort levels, and it is important to try out as many mattresses as possible to find one that feels good for you.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is an important factor to consider when purchasing a mattress because it can determine how well you sleep. Motion isolation occurs when vibrations from a person’s movement transfer across the surface of the bed.

For people who sleep alone, this may not be problematic. However, those who sleep with a partner could be awoken when their partner changes position if the mattress does not isolate motion well.

Pressure Relief

The pressure points on a mattress will vary depending on the sleeper’s body type, weight, and width. For example, a sleeper with broader shoulders and hips will put more pressure on a mattress compared to a slimmer individual.

Models with strong pressure relief generally target these areas. It’s important for every sleeper to evaluate which components may cause pressure points, based on their body type.

Temperature Control

Mattresses may trap heat near the sleeper’s body or allow it to dissipate. People who sleep hot may prefer a model crafted for cooling. Latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses usually sleep cool due to their designs and materials.

Memory foam and polyfoam models tend to trap more heat. However, many models have special features to wick away heat and promote more air circulation.

Edge Support

A mattress edge can be reinforced with metal coils, foam blocks, or a combination of memory foam and coils. Some mattresses use a perimeter foundation which helps to create stronger support along the edge.

Mattress support around the edge can help improve side sleeping and make it easier to get in and out of bed without feeling unstable.

Ease of Movement

A mattress that holds the impression of a sleeper’s body and does not regain its original shape as quickly may be harder to move around on. This is most common in models with memory foam comfort layers because memory foam usually doesn’t spring back as quickly as other materials.

If a mattress is difficult to move around on, it could be challenging for sleepers with mobility issues or those who like to change positions often during the night.


Sleeping in the same bed with a partner and you’re not able to enjoy a good night’s sleep because of back or hip pain? A mattress may provide bounce and/or traction, which may be beneficial for sex.

Bounce is most common in hybrid, innerspring, and latex models. Hybrid and innerspring models usually also have the benefit of added edge support, which may make it easier for couples to use the full surface of the bed. Memory and polyfoam models tend to have less bounce, but they are more likely to have traction.


Off-gassing refers to the smell of mattresses that arrive in boxes and are opened immediately. To many people, the smell is comparable to a skunk’s spray or the scent of gasoline. Some mattress types shed this odor more than others, but it is a naturally occurring process common to mattresses that ship compressed in a box.


A mattress’s materials and construction influence its durability. Durable mattresses hold up better over time and often resist sagging. Selecting a durable mattress may mean you will not need to replace it as soon.

While durable mattresses tend to be more expensive, the increased longevity could save you money in the long run. Anyone may prefer a durable mattress, but it may be most important for sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds for whom mattresses often wear out more quickly.

Tuft & Needle

T & NMintT & N Hybrid
FirmnessMedium Firm(6)Medium Firm (6)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation4/54/53/5
Sleep Cool4/54/54/5
Pressure Relief4/54/53/5
Ease of Movement4/54/54/5
Edge Support2/53/54/5


PurplePurple HybridPurple Hybrid Premier
FirmnessMedium (6)Medium Firm (6)Medium Soft(5), Medium Firm (6)
Motion Isolation4/54/54/5
Sleep Cool5/55/55/5
Pressure Relief4/54/54/5
Ease of Movement3/54/54/5
Edge Support3/53/53/5

In-Depth Pricing

It’s easy to assume that a mattress in the ‘mid-range’ must be good. But there are many mattresses that don’t belong in the middle of this spectrum, as they have little to offer other than higher price points and poor performance. This is why we put together an in-depth guide to explaining the best and worst in store for you, no matter what your budget may be!

The mattress market is huge, and for many consumers, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. Part of this is due to the large variety of options on the market today. In addition to traditional innerspring mattresses, consumers can buy memory foam, latex, air-filled, hybrid and polyurethane mattresses. It can take trial and error before you discover which mattress type best suits your needs and preferences.

Of course, price is not the only factor you should consider when purchasing a mattress. If you’re in search of something extra-firm, for example, you may outgrow a mattress that isn’t designed to be firm.

Mattresses with larger, thicker foams are more expensive to manufacture, making them more expensive to buy. This higher price is reflected in the price of the mattress.

Tuft & Needle

T & NMintT & N Hybrid
Twin XL$395$645$995
California King$750$1,145$1,745
Split King$750$1,145$1,745


PurplePurple HybridPurple Hybrid Premier
Twin XL$749$1,299$1,899 or $2499
Full$949$1,499$2,099 or $2699
Queen$1,099$1,599$2,199 or $2,999
King$1,399$1,899$2,699 or $3499
California King$1,399$1,899$2,699 or $3499
Split King$1,498$2,598$3,798 or $4998
Split California King

It’s important to note that Tuft & Needle mattresses tend to retail at a lower price than Purple mattresses. While this may make them an attractive choice for budget-minded shoppers, it’s worth evaluating the differences to ensure the better deal is warranted.

The Tuft & Needle and Purple mattresses are two of the newest mattress options available online. Both models have multi-layer designs and are available in multiple firmness levels. These similarities make the Tuft & Needle and Purple mattresses effective competitors. While both models have pros, there are also some cons to each brand. Overall, Tuft & Needle tends to be a comparable alternative to Purple at a lower price point.

This is exactly why Tuft and Needle makes a great alternative to Purple mattress. While they are similar in price, their unique construction, material choice and sleeping style may make one of these two brands a better fit for your sleep preferences.

Trials, Warranty and Delivery


Tuft & Needle mattresses typically arrive between 3-7 business days after an order is placed. Products are shipped compressed via FedEx Ground. All orders ship to the contiguous United States free of charge. For an extra fee, same-day shipping is available through XPO Logistics within Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Purple and Purple Hybrid mattresses typically take between 1-2 weeks to ship. Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses usually take from 2-3 weeks. Purple mattresses ship at no cost within the contiguous United States. The Purple and Purple Hybrid ship compressed via FedEx. With the Purple Hybrid, you can have the product delivered to your home for an additional fee. The Purple Hybrid Premiere comes with free in-home delivery.


Tuft & Needle is providing 100 nights of risk-free trials for every mattress they sell in the US. The one-year limited warranty begins on the day the customer receives their mattress. With this guarantee, Tuft & Needle is trying to provide an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience that keeps customers content with their purchase, and is letting them return the mattress if it doesn’t meet up to their standards.

All Purple mattress models are eligible for a 100-night trial. With the 100-night trial, customers can try the mattress in their own home for 100 nights, after which they can contact the company to initiate arrangements to receive a full refund of the purchase price. To initiate the return of a Purple mattress, customers contact the company.


Warranties are guarantees made by a manufacturer that protect consumers against certain defects. Mattress warranties most often cover indentations and foam cracking. Some warranties also protect against defects in the mattress cover.

A mattress warranty is a guarantee issued by the product’s manufacturer that guards customers against defects and repairs for a specific amount of years. The warranty acts as a safeguard to both the customer and the mattress company. If there are defects in material or workmanship, a mattress warranty covers the costs associated with repair or replacement. In return for this protection, some warranties require an owner to take specific steps to maintain a warranty. These steps may include keeping the receipt, tags attached, not smoking, and even rinsing a cover before washing it. A mattress warranty is relevant for all types of mattresses including innerspring, memory foam, and latex.

Tuft & Needle has a 10-year factory warranty that covers indentations greater than.75 inches, problems with foam cracking or splitting, and defects in the mattress cover. The warranty is valid for the original purchaser when purchased through an authorized retailer. Damage caused by abuse, misuse, and failure to use a proper foundation is not covered by the warranty. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Purple’s 10-year limited warranty covers indentations greater than 1 inch, foam cracking, and foam splitting. Mattress cover defects are covered for a period of 2 years. The warranty applies to the original mattress owner who purchased the mattress from the manufacturer. The warranty excludes abuse, misuse, and a mattress that is not on a proper foundation. Additional conditions apply.