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How do we make money?

In order to offer authoritative, up-to-date consumer content free to our visitors, partners with companies that offer sleep products. These include cost-per-click and affiliate fee arrangements, which help us generate commissions through brand and product page links.

Our professional relationships never influence our independent editorial reviews, rankings, or product guides and we do not receive financial payment for including partners in any of our content. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As part of this program, we receive a commission from whenever one of our readers makes a purchase after visiting an link on our site. We are not incentivized in any way to feature a product you will not be satisfied with — our commissions are rescinded if you choose to return any of these products.

We may receive free products from companies for our research and review process. Receiving these products does not influence our editorial content, nor does it guarantee a favorable review for the product or the seller/manufacturer.

We take the following measures to ensure that our brand partnerships do not influence our editorial content:

  • All product ratings are exclusively generated through a comprehensive evaluation system that incorporates verified owner and customer experiences from different online sources along with extensive internal product testing.
  • Our writers and other editorial staff are never made aware of specific companies and brands with which we do business.
  • We never award product ratings based on communications with product manufacturers. However, our staff may contact company representatives in order to confirm product information or company policies (such as measurements, material composition, pricing, or warranty information).

If you have any questions about our content or product review methodologies or have suggestions for our editorial staff, please contact us for more information.