Purple vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison – Which Is Better In 2022?

Purple and Tempur-Pedic are competitors in the mattress industry, and their mattress models have differences that make them uniquely suited for different sleeping styles. Though there are similarities between Purple and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, both brands offer sleepers a wide range of options to find the right mattress for their preferences.

The Purple Mattress combines the right proportions of materials to foster a more restorative sleep. The Purple Mattress comes in three models: The Purple, Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier, all of which feature the patented grid-shaped comfort layer made of hyper-elastic polymer that creates an evenly dispersed surface that is soft yet supportive for your sleeping posture. It is topped with pressure-relieving responsive Avena foam mattress and two inches of breathable stretch knit fabric.

With the TEMPUR-Adapt mattress, you’ll find comfort and support with less pressure. The Adapt comes in four sizes and is meant to target heavier, stomach sleepers or back sleepers. Also included is the TEMPUR-ProAdapt, which was designed for higher density foam. The ProAdapt comes in three sizes and offers deep compression relief for side sleepers. If you prefer a firmer feel, you may want to try the TEMPUR-PRObreeze mattress. This medium firm model gives some support while still offering breathability.

In this Purple Vs TempurPedic comparison, we’ll compare prices, construction, performance, and important company policies about delivery, returns, and warranty coverage.

Price Range(Queen)$1,149 to $2,999$2,199-$4,999
Firmness OptionsMedium (5), Medium Firm(6)Soft(3), Medium (5), Firm(7)
Standout FeaturesSignature Purple Grid comfort layer offers unique contouring

Supportive pocketed coils in hybrid models
Premium memory foam conforms closely to alleviate pressure

Phase-change material for optimal surface cooling
Purple Hybrid
Purple Hybrid Premier
TEMPUR-Adapt Hybrid
ProAdapt Hybrid
ProBreeze Hybrid
Sleep Trial & Warranty100-night sleep trial
10-year warranty
90-night sleep trial (with return shipping fees)
10-year warranty
Customer ServiceA+A+

Sizing Options

Purple and Tempur-Pedic both offer a decent selection of mattress models and sizes. Those seeking twin size beds are limited by either brand, but those seeking larger beds can select multiple beds.


ModelSize OptionHeight
PurpleTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King9.5”
Purple HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King11”
Purple Hybrid PremierTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King12” or 13”


ModelSize OptionHeight
Tempur-AdaptTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King11”
Tempur-Adapt HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King11”
Purple Hybrid PremierTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King12”
ProAdapt HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King12”
Tempur-LuxeAdaptTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King13”
Luxe breezeTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King13”
Tempur-ProBreezeTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King12”
ProBreeze HybridTwin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King12”

Purple mattresses – the hybrids, in particular – are considerably heavier than the Tempur-Pedic models. For the Hybrid Premier models, you may need three or more people to rotate or move them. Read full Purple mattress review here.

Construction and Materials Comparison

The materials used to construct a foam bed mattress affect how comfortable and supportive the bed feels to different sleepers. Some components promote close body-conforming, which can alleviate pressure and improve spinal alignment. Others feel fairly firm and responsive, and are used to reinforce the bed against sagging.

The materials used to construct a mattress ultimately affect its performance. Expert manufacturers create beds with up to five layers of comfort and support polymers, cotton, wool, and other materials.

Mattresses come in a variety of comfort layers. Some models have two, others as many as four. These add-ons are generally composed of memory foam, latex or gel. Memory foam has a soft, slow response that creates an impression of weightlessness. It conforms to your shape and holds heat close to your body for a nearly motionless sleep. Latex and gel mattresses have a faster response, which means they are less likely to form impressions after your body leaves the bed. These mattresses have additional bounce and greater cooling properties.

The materials used to make a mattress have a large effect on how comfortable and supportive it feels. Some materials work to conform the contours of your body, creating conformity while holding pressure points away from the body’s sensitive spots. They may feel fairly firm or responsive to your body, providing support where it is needed most. Others may feel soft for extra comfort and pressure relief.

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame 1


The Purple Mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress that features a 2-inch comfort layer of hyperelastic polymer material in an open-cell shape. Purple promotes this material as being “3D,” meaning that it’s springy, responsive, and soaks up and returns body heat. This comfort layer also conforms to the body much like memory foam.

It is an all-foam hybrid mattress made in the USA. It is built atop a base layer of high-density polyfoam that provides strong edge support and durability, while an open-celled hyper-elastic polymer is used for comfort to create a medium firm feel. A softer transitional polyfoam layer prevents bottoming out and transitions from foam to coils below. The whole bed sleeps cool and uses a breathable cover with soft stretch weaved fabric (polyester, viscose, spandex) that is stain resistant. Read Purple hybrid mattress review here.

The Purple Mattress has a noticeable smell right out of the packaging. The odor is more than likely due to the hypoallergenic materials used for the grid and comfort, though we’ve found that airing out the mattress for two to three days with occasional sunlight exposure can significantly reduce most odors.

Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame 1

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier improve upon the original Purple Mattress, providing even greater support. Like the flagship model, they feature a 2-inch purple grid with a medium firm feel. This grid layer has been enhanced to increase airflow for improved temperature regulation and reduced motion transfer. It is also deeper than the original design, providing even more pressure relief. The Hybrid and Hybrid Premier also include a transitional layer made of foam pros and memory foam. This layer adds comfort as it relieves pressure while improving airflow in the mattress.

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses both have a slightly different feel than the flagship mattress. The Purple Grid layer provides more bounce while still maintaining pressure-relieving comfort. The grid also offers better edge support, making it ideal for couples that need to share a bed but prefer different firmness levels.

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses have the look and feel of a traditional memory foam mattress, with an innovative grid system that redefines pressure point comfort and support.


Note that Tempur-Pedic does not disclose specific mattress specifications, such as the thickness of individual layers.


Tempur adjustable bed

The Tempur-Adapt is a mattress designed to offer maximum sleeping comfort. These mattresses feature a top layer of the TEMPUR-ES material, which is soft. The center core features TEMPUR-APR material, which is more firm and offers extra support.

TEMPUR-ES memory foam adapts to your unique body shape, while providing pressure-relieving comfort. TEMPUR-APR memory foam provides additional support and stability. This mattress has a medium feel, is 11 inches thick, and consists of two comfort layers.

The TEMPUR-Adapt with the medium feel, available in Twin and Queen sizes, features a top comfort layer of a very soft and adaptive TEMPUR-ES material. The transitional layer is made of a denser TEMPUR-APR material that offers extra support. The support core is made from high-density polyfoam to provide adequate but not excessive support for your body.


Tempur adjustable bed

The TEMPUR-ProAdapt has many of the same features of the original TEMPUR-Pedic mattress but is designed to be a bit more adaptable to conditions in an RV. It’s a hybrid of sorts that combines memory foam and high density polyfoam elements to supply users with comfort similar to that of the original TEMPUR-Pedic product, but also allows for a cooler, plusher feel. The mattress can be customized by choosing between the all foam and hybrid versions.

The TEMPUR-ProAdapt from Tempur-Pedic is a memory foam mattress that is positioned in the medium firmness range. In addition to its memory foam top layer, this model contains ProAdapt technology. This technology is designed to provide enhanced support and responsiveness, while also combatting pressure points so that you can have a more restful sleep.


Tempur adjustable bed

The all-foam TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt has a 13-inch profile, and you can choose from soft or firm feels for this model. The mattress features a TEMPUR-ES memory foam comfort layer, TEMPUR-APR memory foam transitional layer, and a high-density, convoluted polyfoam base. It also includes the same removable, dual-layer cover found on the TEMPUR-ProAdapt. The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt is not available as a hybrid.”

The all-foam TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt from Tempur-Pedic conforms to your body and provides pressure relief for back and joint pain. It features the same removable, dual-layer cover found on the TEMPUR-ProAdapt, as well as a soft layer of TEMPUR-ES memory foam that conforms to your body for personalized comfort. It’s available in both firm and soft versions.

TEMPUR-PRObreeze and TEMPUR-Luxebreeze

Tempur adjustable bed

The TEMPUR-PRObreeze and TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze are mattress designs from Tempur-Pedic that feature memory foam comfort and transitional layers, along with convoluted polyfoam support cores. This mattress is a great choice for people who want a medium feel. The TEMPUR-PRObreeze is also available as a pocketed coil hybrid with a medium feel, but the TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze is only available in an all-foam design.

TEMPUR-PRObreeze and TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze feature memory foam comfort and transitional layers, along with convoluted polyfoam support cores. These mattresses offer pressure relief and pain relief for heavier individuals.

The TEMPUR-Probreeze and TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze mattresses feature memory foam comfort and transitional layers, along with convoluted polyfoam support cores. The TEMPUR-Probreeze features a medium feel and offers all-foam construction.

Average Customer Ratings

Online reviews and ratings can be a great way to find the best products for your needs. However, it is important to realize that the rating system can be somewhat skewed. For example, if a customer with a lower rating is satisfied with a product and writes a favorable review about it, he or she may not push his or her rating above three stars, especially since online ratings are often used in sales pitches. Additionally, five-star ratings do not always correlate to completely positive feedback. A number of factors impact how a person feels about a product, which have nothing to do with performance standards.

Some mattress companies display their rating on their sites in a manner that appears all of the reviews are positive, or hide negative feedback in hard-to-find areas of the site. Mattress-related forums and discussion boards, as well as the reviews on retailer sites, tend to be more honest.


ModelAverage Rating
Purple Mattress4.3/5
Purple Hybrid4.4/5
Purple Hybrid Premier4.4/5


ModelAverage Rating
TEMPUR-Adapt Hybrid4.5/5
ProAdapt Hybrid4.7/5
ProBreeze Hybrid4.7/5

In-Depth Ratings

Let’s compare Tempur-Pedic vs. Purple mattress models based on pressure relief, edge support, and other criteria. This will enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to your mattress purchase – especially categories which have a greater impact on your sleep quality. If you’re a warm sleeper, for example, you may have a preference for beds that are temperature neutral, while couples should consider motion isolation and sexual comfort ratings.

With motion isolation, waking up in the middle of the night is less likely to disturb a partner. Some mattress foam layers and padding have above average motion isolation characteristics. Motion isolation is more difficult to quantify than other mattress performance measures because it’s subjective to a degree, but we feel that testers’ responses are a good representative of the motion isolation experience.

A mattress with the right degree of support can really make a difference in your comfort throughout the night. If you suffer from aches and pains, back or neck pain, or problems with circulation, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for a supportive mattress built to relieve pressure points.

Beds are available in a variety of firmness levels. All have the potential to sleep warm — this is an inherent trait of memory foam and its heat-absorbing properties. However, there are certain components that influence the warmth experienced by different mattresses. The type of material featured in a mattress’s cover can create an airflow that helps keep sleepers cooler at night, and some types of coils and foams tend to insulate a bit better than others.

Beds with strong perimeter support won’t sink too much when you get in and out of bed, and you’ll feel relatively secure lying near the edges. Other beds tend to sink quite a bit. You won’t feel nearly as stable when sleeping near the edge, and you may need to lie closer to the center of the mattress. The materials used in a bed’s support core typically play the biggest role in how supportive or unsupportive the mattress edges feel.

Bounce is the term we use to describe how quickly you will be able to move from lying down on your mattress to standing up again. For some mattresses, this transition time can take ten seconds or more. The quicker the mattress bounces back to its normal shape, the better it is at keeping you comfortable.

Ease Matress has developed the perfect mattress for couples who share their bed. The Ease Matress combines both a firmer core with a softer surface to accommodate two people and their individual preferences. The soft topper has been designed for sex by being quieter than most mattresses during movement, while also allowing for increased comfort and traction during amorous activities.

Most mattresses emit a noticeable odor when they are fresh out of the box, but they shouldn’t smell for long. However, some beds continue to produce unpleasant chemical smells for some time afterward. Mattresses with foam layers tend to smell the most due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) they release. These particles carry a distinct odor that you may notice for days, or even weeks, after unboxing your bed.

The average mattress performs for 6 to 8 years before a new bed is needed. Mattress longevity is usually linked to its type and quality of materials, as some components resist wear and tear better and last longer than others. Some of the most durable mattress materials include high density memory foam, latex, and steel coils. If you have allergies, replace your pillows regularly as dust mites can take hold easily in synthetic fibers.


PurplePurple Hybrid
FirmnessMedium Firm (6)Medium Firm (6)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool5/55/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement3/54/5
Edge Support3/53/5
Purple Hybrid Premier
FirmnessMedium (5), Medium Firm (6)
Motion Isolation4/5
Sleep Cool5/5
Pressure Relief4/5
Ease of Movement4/5
Edge Support3/5


Tempur-AdaptTempur-Adapt Hybrid
FirmnessMedium (5)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation5/54/5
Sleep Cool2/53/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement2/53/5
Edge Support2/53/5
Tempur-Pro AdaptPro Adapt Hybrid
FirmnessSoft(3), Medium (5), Firm(7)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool2/53/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement2/53/5
Edge Support3/53/5
Tempur-Luxe AdaptLuxe Breeze
FirmnessSoft(3), Firm(7)Soft(3), Firm(7)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool3/54/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement2/52/5
Edge Support2/52/5
Tempur-Pro BreezePro Breeze Hybrid
FirmnessMedium (5)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool4/54/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement2/53/5
Edge Support2/53/5

In-Depth Pricing

The price of a mattress may vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The type of mattress, materials used, and unique or special features for that model are among the factors affecting cost. Some sellers may also affect the price, as some brands are more expensive than others.

A king-sized mattress can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. As you might expect, the price difference between a basic model and a luxurious one is considerable.

While cheap mattresses are available, be prepared to spend close to $1,000 if you want a good one. The cheapest models you’ll find have very little padding and provide minimal support or durability. If you want more comfort, durability, and back support, you’ll probably need to spend more than that.

Selecting a mattress depends on a variety of factors, including your preferred sleeping position and the size and shape of your bed frame. Prices vary widely, especially when you’re shopping for a foam or innerspring mattress. If you plan to purchase online, you might be able to find extra savings if the retailer offers free shipping or is running a special promotion. Many online retailers also employ price-matching guarantees, which means they’ll beat the price you’ve found elsewhere if you can show them a lower price at another online store.

Each mattress type has advantages and disadvantages, but the price for a given model can vary greatly depending on the materials used, where it was made, and how much a retailer is charging. Latex models tend to be cheaper than airbeds but more expensive than innerspring mattresses.


PurplePurple Hybrid
Twin XL$749$1,299
California King$1,399$1,899
Split King$1,498$2,598
Split California King
Purple Hybrid Premier
Twin XL$1,899 or $2499
Full$2,099 or $2699
Queen$2,199 or $2,999
King$2,699 or $3499
California King$2,699 or $3499
Split King$3,798 or $4998
Split California King


Tempur-AdaptTempur-Adapt Hybrid
Twin XL$1,699$1,699
California King$2,899$2,899
Split King$3,398$3,398
Split California King
Tempur-Pro AdaptProAdapt Hybrid
Twin XL$2,499$2,499
California King$3,699$3,669
Split King$4,998$4,998
Split California King$4,998$4,998
Tempur-Luxe AdaptLuxe Breeze
Twin XL$3,199$4,199
California King$4,339$5,339
Split King$6,498$8,398
Split California King$6,498$8,398
Tempur-Pro BreezePro Breeze Hybrid
Twin XL$3,499$3,499
California King$4,699$4,699
Split King$6,998$6,998
Split California King$6,998$6,998

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are one of the most expensive mattress brands available. But, if you’re willing to pay for a great night’s sleep, they’re worth it. Tempur-Pedic mattresses feature memory foam and other technologies that give you proper spinal alignment and lumbar support.

The Purple Mattress is a bit more affordable than most other hybrid mattresses. It’s also available in a Hybrid Queen size, while the Purple Hybrid is only available in two-sided (no flip) Queen and King sizes.

The Purple Mattress is not the only product in the comparison guide that’s priced lower than $1,000. However, this model offers a lower price than the more featured-packed Tempur-Pedic Cloud Breeze. In fact, Purple’s Hybrid and Hybrid Premier are much less expensive than the Cloud Breeze models. The Purple Hybrid costs less but features a similar feel to the Hybrid Premier. Both models use pressure-relieving comfort foams and have great motion isolation capabilities.

Trials, Warranty and Delivery

Purple Policies

 Purple offers free ground shipping within the contiguous U.S. for the Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid. These mattresses will be compressed, vacuum-sealed, and wrapped in plastic for shipping. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, then you’ll need to pay an extra shipping charge. These deliveries are coordinated through USPS, FedEx, and other courier services. The mattress will be left on your doorstep unless you request otherwise. You won’t need to be at home when the mattress arrives, nor will you need to sign for the package.

Purple will send a courier to your house, apartment, or office to transport your mattress and any other furniture you may have ordered. The courier will take the pre-existing bedding from your room and set up the Purple. If you live outside of the United States and a Greyhound bus is used for delivery, you can expect delivery within five business days after your order is placed. FedEx generally takes 1-2 business days if international shipping is used.

For the Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid ordered within the contiguous United States, you will receive these beds within five business days of placing your order. White glove delivery becomes available after the order is placed.

Purple offers an industry leading 100-night sleep trial for all mattresses. Our trial is designed to give you plenty of time to decide if the mattress is right for you. There isn’t a required break-in period, so you can return the mattress at any point of the trial, but we recommend sleeping on it for at least 30 nights before passing judgment .

Offering a 100-night sleep trial, Purple is confident in the quality and durability of their products. The company covers all shipping and transportation fees for mattress exchanges.

A Purple 10-Year Full Replacement Warranty protects your investment for a full decade. If your Purple mattress is found to be defective at any time during that period, we will send you a replacement unit. The warranty is non-prorated, which means you pay the same $100 shipping fee whether your mattress is new and defective, or you’ve owned it for 25 years.

Purple® backs all of their mattresses with 10-year non-prorated warranties, which means that, in the event that a mattress is defective, Purple will cover the shipping fees and offer to either repair or replace your mattress.

Tempur-Pedic Policies

TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses are shipped via White Glove delivery. If customers choose not to utilize this unique delivery service, they may be charged a fee or an additional shipping fee.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are delivered free of charge in the contiguous U.S. and Canada only. Shipping charges will apply to orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories.

Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-night sleep trial for all mattress models, including a mandatory 30-night break in period. To put the trial to the test, get out your journal and start documenting which nights you’re able to get the best night’s sleep.

Tempur-Pedic guarantees an industry-leading 90-night sleep trial, requiring you to test out the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights before deciding if it was right for your body.

The Tempur-Pedic 10 Year Limited Warranty guarantees your Tempur-Pedic mattress will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for 10 years. All Tempur-Pedic mattresses carry a non-prorated 10 year full replacement warranty. For this brand, body impressions of .75 inches or deeper are considered defects. The Tempur-Pedic warranty also covers manufacturing flaws that lead to product deterioration or defects associated with the mattress covers.