Nectar vs Casper Comparison – Which Mattress Is Better in 2022?

A good mattress can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep. Nectar and Casper are two such mattresses that offer their own special take on what makes a good bed. We’ll help you find out any specifics if you’re struggling to distinguish between the two and delve into the discrepancies between Nectar and Casper, so you can find one that will provide you with a decent night of sleep.

Nectar and Casper have both been leaders in the online mattress industry for several years. Nectar was founded in 2012, though the company is a spin-off of co-founded parent company Select Comfort Corp. Casper started selling its foam mattresses in 2014 and has experienced significant growth since then. Both brands are famous for their use of foam mattresses, but one has extended its product lineup to include coil versions and hybrid models that incorporate memory foam with other fabrics.

But how do you choose between the Nectar and the Casper?  Read our in-depth Nectar vs Casper mattress comparison to choose the best suited mattress for your needs based on durability, material and price.

Quick Look

Price Range(Queen)$799-$1,499$595-$2,595
Firmness OptionsMedium (5), Medium Firm(6)Medium (5), Medium Firm(6)
Standout FeaturesComfort systems with thick layers of memory foam deliver great pressure relief and motion isolation.

Tencel cover wicks moisture and is smooth to the touch.

Long-term sleep trial of 365 nights plus a lifetime warranty.
Diverse product lineup gives customers solid choices across a variety of different mattress types and price points.

Specialty Airscape polyfoam blends contouring and responsiveness.

Mattress cover uses recycled plastics to help reduce environmental contamination.

Zoned materials step up tailoring to better cushion the body.
Nectar Lush
Casper Hybrid
Casper Wave Hybrid
Casper Element
Casper Nova Hybrid
Sleep Trial & Warranty365-night sleep trial
Lifetime limited warranty
100-night sleep trial
10-year limited warranty
Customer ServiceN/AA+

Sizing and Weight Options

The mattress dimensions play an important role in determining your mattress purchase.

  • While the standard full-size bed is used for couples, larger people may find it cramped. Taller sleepers might need a king-size or even a California king mattress.
  • Keep in mind that you may need sheets with particularly deep pockets. Also, the mattress height may affect getting in and out of bed, so be sure to choose a bed frame that best meets your needs.
  • It is imperative to know the weight of the mattress because it can make a difference in how easy to move if you wanted to change your place.


ModelSize OptionHeight
NectarTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Nectar LushTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King12”


ModelSize OptionHeight
CasperTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Casper HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King11”
Casper Wave HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King13”
Casper ElementTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King10”
Casper Nova HybridTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King12”

There is more than enough variety when it comes to prices, with the Nectar mattress having a tendency to be slightly more affordable.

Two of the most popular online mattress brands, Casper and Nectar, are both vying for the number one spot in a very competitive market. The two mattress manufacturers are constantly growing and introducing new products into the market to rival each other.

While two of the Nectar and Casper mattresses are hybrids, they both follow the same basic format of being an all-foam mattress. They also offer the most durability and longevity out of all mattresses tested.

Construction and Materials Comparison

It’s important to look at the components to know exactly what makes a mattress work well. The single best indicator of how good the mattress will last and how long it will last is the construction of a bed.


The Nectar Mattress is built with multiple high-quality layers of memory foam. With four layers total, the mattress is firm and structured, but also contours to the body for optimal support and comfort. The additional layers in the Nectar Lush add a collapsible feeling, while still containing the pressure relief and calming feeling of memory foam. Read nectar mattress review here.

It has four layers at a medium firm (6):

  • 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam (quilted into the cover)
  • 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam
  • 3 inches of Adaptive Hi Core memory foam
  • 6 inches of base polyfoam
Nectar Adjustable Base 1

The Nectar is a 10-inch luxury hybrid mattress that offers above-average cooling for a memory foam bed. To qualify, it uses gel memory foam to help keep sleepers cool as they sleep. It also has an open cell construction, which cuts down on heat buildup. With its Adaptive Hi Core memory foam, this mattress provides more give and responsiveness than traditional memory foam, and it uses an egg crate design to enhance comfort as well.

The cover on the Nectar mattress is very soft, and is actually made from rayon derived from bamboo. This cover is vented in order to control temperature and let air flow freely through the Nectar mattress.

The gel memory foam top provides a skin-soft surface, and the grid design adds a nice modern touch. This mattress still has that great memory foam feel, with sinkage levels falling in the average range.

Nectar Lush

After the popularity of the Nectar, the company introduced the Nectar Lush. The Lush is one inch taller, has a slightly softer medium (5) firmness, and is composed of three layers:

  • 3 inches of gel-infused memory foam featuring an Aquacool component
  • 2 inches of Energex polyfoam
  • 7 inches of base polyfoam
Nectar Adjustable Base 1

The Nectar Lush is a new mattress that makes use of memory foam material to offer enhanced levels of support and comfort. At first I thought it’d be like sleeping on an extra large sponge, but its layout and support features make it stand out from other offerings.

We believe that sleeping comfortably is a necessity, not a privilege. The Lush begins with the Nectar Sleep Mattress’ patented sleep surface design boosted by Energex foam technology to create an amazing sleep experience.

Nectar’s Lush mattress is an 8-inch, all foam bed that works for all kinds of sleepers – be it side, back or stomach.


The Casper story started in 2014, when the founders of the company wanted to “build a product that we would want to buy and experience ourselves.” The goal was to develop a fun and positive brand presence online while providing customers with an exceptional product-buying experience. Not only does Casper offer affordable mattresses for sale, but also an enormous amount of information on transitioning from traditional in-store buying methods to the convenience of online mattress shopping. Read casper mattress review here.

Casper began with a single mattress, then gradually expanded its product offering. Today, customers can choose from five distinct Casper mattresses. Before explaining how each one differs, we’ll summarize what’s the same:

All five Casper mattresses are covered by a fabric blend made of polyester, organic cotton, polyester from recycled plastic bottles, rayon, and spandex. The polyester from recycled plastic bottles contributes to a reduction in plastic bottles in landfills and the environment. The Casper Original has 57 recycled bottles; the Nova has 70; and the Wave Hybrid has 121. It’s not just eco-friendly, it’s soft, sleek, and breathable.

“Airscape foam” is the primary material found in all Casper models. What does this mean? In short, the material looks like traditional memory foam but performs more like a latex foam. Memory foam tends to give sleepers contouring by absorbing movement. Meanwhile, latex often has a bouncy feel that helps move sleepers around. Airscape falls somewhere between the two though, offering a delicate balance of pressure relief and bounce to keep sleepers balanced in their sleep.

Whether you are a light, medium or heavy sleeper, Airscape foam is a great choice. It offers enough bounce to avoid feeling trapped in the mattress but sufficient support for good motion isolation and pressure relief on any sleep position.

Casper Original

The Casper Original continues to be a top-selling mattress online. It is medium (5) in firmness and has an all-foam design with three layers:

  • 1.5 inches of Airscape polyfoam
  • 2 inches of 3-zoned memory foam
  • 7 inches of base polyfoam

The combination of Airscape foam and memory foam can accommodate even sharp pressure points without feeling unstable or bottoming out.  The zoned construction of the memory foam makes it even more capable of cushioning heavier areas of the body, such as the shoulders and hips.

Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid uses the same design for its comfort system, but uses coils for its support core.

  • 1.5 inches of Airscape polyfoam
  • 2 inches of 3-zoned memory foam
  • 7-inch perimeter foam encasement around 6 inches of pocketed coils
Casper Adjustable Bed frame 1

The Casper Hybrid is a great option for those who have been in love with the Casper mattress, but want a firmer feel. The cover is made of a soft cotton, and the inside has a pocket coil support. It will be great for those who are heavier to avoid bottoming out on the softer memory foam, while also providing support for your heavier upper body areas.

It is smartly designed as a hybrid mattress, which is a mattress that combines foam materials (in this case latex) with traditional innerspring coils. In addition to offering all the great features you come to expect from a Casper product, the Casper Hybrid also provides the bounce and edge support you’d get from coil mattresses while offering added pressure relief due to its foam comfort layers. This means you can stop stressing about needing an innerspring mattress and a latex mattress. One is optimized for back support, while the other is optimal for pressure relief and sleeping cool.

Casper Nova Hybrid

Even though they have earned a place among the most successful online mattress companies, Casper continues to invest in product development, and the Casper Nova Hybrid is one of the fruits of that investment.

Casper’s newest mattress model has a firmness level of medium (4) and four interior components:

  • 1 inch of Airscape polyfoam
  • 1.5 inches of 3-zoned Airscape polyfoam
  • 2 inches of 7-zoned memory foam
  • 7-inch perimeter foam encasement around 6 inches of pocketed coils

Casper Adjustable Bed frame

A mattress that has three separate support layers sounds bulky and obtrusive but is actually the key to the Nova Hybrid’s success. The first layer provides both a memory foam feel and the support of a more traditional bed as well as providing edge-to-edge stability. It works in conjunction with the second layer which provides core support. The Nova Hybrid uses foam-encased coils. Foam-encased coils take the best of innerspring construction and combine it with the softness of memory foam to provide a lofty and responsive feel.

Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper offers mattresses for many different types of customers, and the Casper Wave Hybrid is the company’s offering for luxury shoppers. It is medium (5) in firmness and has five layers.

  • 1 inch of perforated polyfoam
  • 1.5 inches of perforated latex
  • 1.5 inches of 3-zoned perforated memory foam
  • 1.5 inches of zoned polyfoam with targeted gel pods
  • 7-inch perimeter foam encasement around 6 inches of pocketed coils
Casper Adjustable Bed frame 1

While a lot of foam mattresses have just one or two layers of foam, the Wave Hybrid has several. Of all its layers, the Airscape foam is the most well-rounded. It offers both bounce and contouring for a balance of comfort. Beneath this layer lies the targeted gel pods that are designed to provide supportive recovery. The bed’s coils and perimeter support system add to its bounce and boost its edge support as well.

A higher bounce makes for a more energizing and refreshing sleep. The high coil count, perimeter support system, and targeted gel pods in the foam are all factors that allow for bounce and support. The lower layers of the Wave Hybrid are equally important to maximizing bounce.

Casper Element

The Casper Element is the company’s budget mattress option and is priced cheaper than the Wave Hybrid. It is medium-firm (6) and has a straightforward design with two layers:

  • 3 inches of Airscape polyfoam
  • 6.5 inches of base polyfoam
Casper Adjustable Bed frame 1

The Casper Element is the most affordable mattress in Casper’s lineup. Designed for an entry-level price point, it features a comfort layer of polyfoam (1.5″) and a transitional layer of polyester mesh fabric that helps the air flow freely between sleepers to avoid hot spots. There’s also high-density polyfoam (2”) used in the support core to keep the body aligned with proper spinal alignment.

The mattress comes wrapped in a soft white cover that’s made from a blend of Tencel and cotton. The Tencel material is naturally anti-microbial, so it helps to inhibit odor and bacteria buildup from everyday use.

Average Customer Ratings

Customer reviews are a valuable tool for evaluating mattresses. The way a mattress looks on a website often does not tell the whole story, and real customer reviews often point out its good and bad points.

It is standard online for mattress companies to post customer reviews, but the best way to leverage these comments is to follow these tips:

Knowing that the feedback comes from actual people makes it possible to believe their views.

People who are paying or receive other benefits for their analysis could be more likely to leave constructive feedback.

If there are not enough ratings, it is easier for a few favorable or bad reviews to misinterpret the overall image of consumer loyalty.

The overall score, often rated from one to five stars, is useful, but it takes on more meaning when you look at the actual reviews to see why people praised or criticized a particular mattress.

Nectar has many more reviews than Casper, though Casper’s have been mostly positive. The overwhelming positive reviews of Nectar and the dozens of unique customer accounts for which models worked best give us the impression that Nectar offers a far superior product with more customization options.


ModelAverage Rating
Nectar Lush


ModelAverage Rating
Casper Hybrid4.6/5
Casper Wave Hybrid4.5/5
Casper Element4.6/5
Casper Nova Hybrid4.5/5

In-Depth Ratings

Because mattress construction varies so much between models, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to rate them. What works for a side-sleeper isn’t the same as what works for a back sleeper, and what works for a stomach sleeper needs to be different from what works for a combination sleeper. Some beds work better for certain types of people than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those beds are better—just better suited to those people.

We emphasize the following areas of mattress performance because they are the ones that most clearly impact customer satisfaction. Of course, each sleeper has different needs, so not all of these categories will be equally important to you. Compare Nectar versus Casper based on these elements and decide which are most important to you.

Motion isolation is a valuable feature for your bed because, whether you share it with someone or not, most people want it to provide some degree of motion isolation. And there are many reasons for this, the most obvious being that it can prevent one partner’s disturbance from waking the other up. Motion isolation also reduces energy consumption, since less power is needed to move the mattress than if no motion isolation was present.

Mattress contouring gives your spine the ideal curves that should be assumed while sleeping and during waking hours. Proper support for the body requires that a mattress cushions the heaviest parts of the body and the areas that are prone to pressure and pain. Beds with moderate to significant contouring are often better able to tailor to the body’s needs and enhance healthy spinal positioning.

Temperature neutral mattresses are made from all-natural materials making them a great choice for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. Some mattresses are made to deal with excess heat due to poor ventilation in the bedroom. Others are specifically designed to be light, cool and very comfortable giving you a great night’s sleep.

If you want to sleep securely on any part of your mattress, then edge support is something to keep in mind. A strong edge allows you to sit or sleep near the perimeter without the sensation that you might roll onto the floor. Hybrids normally have the most dependable edges while foam mattresses are at a higher risk of low levels of edge support.

When a mattress is responsive, it quickly returns to its original shape as you move and adjust your position on it. This bounce gives you some extra energy behind your movements and makes them smoother and easier. This attribute is most valuable to people who prefer to change their sleeping position often during the night.

Saying that a mattress is the “best mattress for sex” might seem like an overstatement to many consumers. After all, you use your mattress every single day, and it might not even cross your mind when things start getting hot and heavy. Instead of taking this phrase literally, realize that this term represents more than just about the bounce factor of a given bed. When it comes down to it, picking a mattress for sex can entail more than just how much give is offered by a surface. To determine which bed would work best for you and your significant other, think about how often you enjoy having sex and the position(s) that you most commonly use during this time.

A mattress naturally off-gases as a part of the process when it is first installed and it can be quite dramatic. There are times when you may want to air out your mattress prior to sleeping on it, particularly if you are sensitive to smell. Not all mattresses off-gas, but some do. While a little mattress odor isn’t something to panic over, we’ll cover what causes it and how you can reduce or eliminate jarring new mattress smell.

Longevity is the single most important factor in a mattress’s durability. The better made a mattress, the longer it will last. In addition to the quality materials used, the design of a mattress plays an important role in determining its life expectancy. Innerspring mattresses typically have fewer flaws than memory foam mattresses, though they aren’t as durable.


NectarNectar Lush
FirmnessMedium Firm(6)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation5/55/5
Sleep Cool3/53/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement5/54/5
Edge Support3/52/5


CasperCasper Hybrid
FirmnessMedium (5)Medium (5)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool3/54/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement3/53/5
Edge Support2/53/5
Casper Wave HybridCasper Element
FirmnessMedium (5)Medium Firm (6)
Motion Isolation4/54/5
Sleep Cool4/53/5
Pressure Relief4/54/5
Ease of Movement3/53/5
Edge Support3/5
Casper Nova Hybrid
FirmnessMedium (5)
Motion Isolation4/5
Sleep Cool4/5
Pressure Relief4/5
Ease of Movement3/5
Edge Support3/5

Prices and Sizing

While some people have the luxury of spending virtually any amount on a new mattress, most shoppers have to work within a budget and take a close look at the price tag before selecting a mattress.

One helpful thing for shoppers to know is that it’s rare for mattresses to be sold for their full sticker price. This price, also known as MSRP, is usually discounted at checkout through sales, coupons, or promotions.

It may also be helpful for shoppers to know what influences mattress pricing. While it’s not a strict formula, some of the most influential elements include:

  • The mattress’ components and materials
  • Quality of materials and components
  • Special features or designs
  • Eco-friendly or organic production
  • Whether the bed is made in the USA or overseas

The MSRP pricing for the Nectar and Casper mattresses is listed below. Both companies frequently offer deals to reduce the actual price paid by the customer.


NectarNectar Lush
Twin XL$569$1,149
California King$999$1,799


CasperCasper Hybrid
Twin XL$695$795
California King$1,295$1,495
Casper Wave HybridCasper Element
Twin XL$1,695$445
California King$2,995$795
Casper Nova Hybrid
Twin XL$1,245
California King$2,295

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, the two most important things you should consider are price and comfort. Price is an easy factor to evaluate, but it pays to be alert for special deals as well. The Casper mattress offers seven different models, all of which have competitive prices. The Nectar has only one model available at this time, so that’s why it’s especially critical to pay attention to what deals the company offers.

Based on MSRP listings, Casper has an advantage when it comes to pricing. They offer a wider range of products including low-priced options. The Casper Element is the newest model, and is an affordable option for family budgets. Casper Original is slightly cheaper than Nectar Mattress and Casper Hybrid is slightly more expensive.

The Nectar Lush is more expensive than the Casper Element, Original, and Hybrid mattress but lower than the Casper Nova Hybrid, which is too expensive for the average client, and the Wave Hybrid is a luxury mattress targeting affluent customers.

Nectar offers steep discounts and/or free accessories that help close the gap in MSPR price, so shoppers should compare the promotions offered by both companies before making a final decision.

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

The practical side of buying a new mattress may not be the first thing shoppers think of, but it certainly should be discussed. The big three of online mattress shopping are shipping, returns, and warranties; this section describes each topic and discusses Nectar and Casper’s specific policies.


Standard shipping is the most common type of delivery for bed-in-a-box mattresses. The mattress is compressed and wrapped in plastic and then secured within a box. Shipping costs are included as part of the overall retail price, and this delivery method usually takes between one to two weeks.

Another option is White Glove delivery, which includes in-home setup by technicians who typically can remove an old mattress if needed. White Glove delivery is not available from every company, and it is usually not included in the shipping price.

The Nectar and Nectar Lush come with free shipping in the contiguous United States. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii comes with an additional charge.

White Glove delivery is available for $149. This covers the setup of the Nectar or Nectar Lush and haul away of an existing mattress.

Casper offers free standard shipping within the contiguous United States. An extra charge applies to bed-in-a-box shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. In some locations, expedited shipping can be arranged for an additional charge.

In-home delivery and setup costs $149 in most parts of the contiguous United States and includes the installation of a Casper mattress as well as the removal of an old mattress.

Sleep Trial and Returns

While companies have different policies, a 100-night sleep trial is standard for most online mattress companies. This helps to ease the worry of what happens if you decide the bed isn’t right for you. You can see how it feels in your room over the course of several weeks before deciding whether it’s worth keeping or not.

Flexible return policies can also impact your company’s rise or fall in the rankings. While most sites don’t allow returns at all, other sites will allow you to return a mattress after three months. Most online mattresses have given themselves a long time frame that allows for customers to truly test out a mattress before deciding if it is really right for them. They want people to be happy with their purchase and, if they aren’t, they don’t keep the customer from returning the product.

Nectar offers a generous 365-night sleep trial allowing customers to keep the Nectar for up to a year with the ability to return it during that time for a full refund. If you decide to return, Nectar simply asks for a reason and you can decide whether or not to elaborate. This trial period is particularly important if you are interested in purchasing from a company like Nectar because it gives you ample time to determine if the mattress is good or not.

The return shipping fee is non-refundable, but White Glove delivery costs are non-refundable.

Casper is a unique mattress company that offers customers an unprecedented 100 night sleep-on trial. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out Casper for 100 nights. This has set them apart from the competition and has allowed them to create new standards in the mattress industry.

Customers who opt for White Glove delivery or expedited shipping services should be aware that those extra charges are not refundable should they decide to return the mattress.


While a warranty asserts that it covers any issues with the quality of your mattress, some online mattress companies have been taking advantage of vague legal language and consumer ignorance. For example, a company like Tuft & Needle might claim to offer a “life-long warranty” on their mattresses. While a warranty can last for life, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are always covered; it merely means that the seller is still obligated to honor the warranty as long as they exist.

Nectar has a 10 year warranty against material defects and workmanship. We guarantee our workmanship for the first 10 years. If your Nectar mattress does not hold up to its intended use due to faulty craftsmanship – we will replace it! Nectar warrants that the Nectar Mattress will not be subject to indentations more than 1.5” deep using the Nectar In-Home Trial process for no more than 8 hours of sleep time over the course of 30 days.

Casper provides a 10-year limited warranty that covers both the mattress and the foundation. Except for intentional or improper product abuse, this warranty protects Casper mattresses against defects in materials or workmanship and Casper foundations and bases against defects in workmanship or materials.