Nectar Mattress Review (2022) – Is It The Most Comfortable Mattress?

Nectar is a true hybrid mattress that features a plush memory foam comfort layer for pressure relief and a molded base for supportive structure. The top two layers of memory foam are composed of a 1-inch quilted layer and 3 inch medium-density gel layer. These layers contour to the body to relieve pressure, giving the mattress a traditional memory foam feel.

It was carefully designed to offer a comfortable night’s sleep. It has contour-cut support for shoulders, hips, and knees so you do not tip or slide off your mattress in the middle of the night. Deep, memory foam surrounds your body with pressure-relieving comfort. The cover uses Tencel fabric which is breathable to allow more air circulation into the mattress.

We were fortunate enough to try out the Nectar mattress for a 120-day period. We were provided a mattress for our team in exchange for our honest Nectar mattress review. This post focuses on all the important information, ranging from construction to sizing, cost, construction, distribution, returns, and more, to help you take better shopping decision.

Nectar Mattress
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • 365 Nights Sleep Trial
  • Forever, Limited Warranty
  • Financing Options

The Nectar Mattress is a popular bed-in-a-box foam mattress sold online and through retailers such as Amazon and Costco. This review is based on our hands-on research and customer reviews. We’ve also interviewed experts, users, and their employees.

  • Support – 3.5/5
  • Cooling – 4/5
  • Motion Transfer – 4.5/5
  • Durability – 4/5
  • Trial period – 4.5/5
  • Warranty – 5/5

Nectar Mattress Review – Our Honest Evaluation

  • Sleepers who have shoulder and hip pain
  • Sleepers who are light and medium weight
  • Sleepers who need soft memory foam feel
  • Sleepers who are looking at affordable price
  • Sleepers who have a heavy body
  • Sleepers who want a bouncy and responsive mattress
  • Sleepers who are afraid of overheating during the night

Nectar features dual-layer memory foam as the core, topped with a plush quilted cover. With medium firm feel and an 11-inch profile, it’s supportive enough for side sleepers and wiggle-lovers alike. Made for the real world.

It has medium firmness, which means it will work for sleepers who enjoy both orthopedic support and sinkage. This comfort level is on the higher end of the firmness scale, making the mattress feel firmer than many others.

This mattress is made of soft, silky Tencel fabric to give you an indulgent sleep. This breathable fabric allows for improved air circulation and a cooler night’s sleep. It is an all-foam, “no springs” mattress. It is constructed of four layers, including a two-layer comfort system, a transition layer, and a support layer.

Each of these layers is constructed of foam, though the exact composition varies between layers to provide the ideal balance between conforming and supporting. The layers work together to provide a sleeping experience that essentially feels like lying on top of an extensive gel pad. It can be used on any surface that you would normally sleep on, including a bed frame, slats, or even directly on.

Nectar Mattresses Prices and Dimensions

As with any other product you buy nowadays, there is a massive amount of choice when it comes to mattresses, and where price is one of the biggest factors, it’s tough to choose one. Fortunately, the American consumer product testing organization, Consumer Reports, has tested out a whole bunch of mattresses and rated them based on the quality of sleep you’ll get from them. Their findings indicate that, among memory foam mattresses, the Nectar offers the best value at an affordable price and that it will definitely not disappoint.

The sizes and prices are detailed in the following table. Although we’ve shared the list price, there are also additional discounts available.

How Good Is Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress was designed ground up to support sleeping partners. So whether you are sleeping together, or prefer different comfort levels for side and back sleepers, Nectar provides pressure relief that’s as individual as your sleep pattern. And with exceptional motion transfer isolation, you can rest assured that movement from one side of the bed won’t disturb the other partner.

It is a mattress with a three layer design. The top layer is made of soft quilted cover; this helps hold the fillings in place and also cushions sleepers. The middle layer is the EVA foam layer, which provides pressure relief. The bottom layer of the Nectar is the memory foam layer, which also provides pressure relief. This mattress is built to support sleepers who may be heavier than average, with up to an extra 400 pounds of weight capacity. The Nectar’s three layers of memory foam combine to provide an exceptionally thick 5 inches of contouring, sleeping “in” rather than sleeping “on.” Two rows of individually wrapped coils are rated to 1300 newton springs and sleep cooler for a balanced feel that’s not too firm or soft.

It is a mattress with cooling layers designed to sleep cooler than other foam mattresses. Nevertheless, it may still retain more heat than some people find ideal while sleeping. The mattress combines a hypoallergenic polyester and Tencel cover with an extra layer of quilted gel memory foam below its comfort layer. A second layer of gel memory foam sits just above the base foam to wick away heat.

They are committed to providing you with the best night’s rest, every night. By using denser foams that mould to your body and by strategically placing comfort layers in key areas, our designers were able to reduce a common problem with all-foam mattresses: a sudden drop in foam density as one nears the mattress edge. As a result, this mattress’ perimeter feels more sturdy, providing countless mornings of restful sleep.

It is a 10″ thick memory foam mattress made with two layers of ventilated memory foam, and one layer of Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam. The top layer of ventilated memory foam (Zoned Support) has small perforations through which air can flow to the second layer, allowing the mattress to respond faster without sacrificing deep pressure relief. The Nectar’s top layer also rebounds quickly, making it easier for sleepers to change positions or move across the bed.

This mattress was engineered as a sexual wellness mattress, to deliver response for a more fulfilling sex life. When you get creative in bed, shouldn’t your mattress be too? The Nectar combines the comfort of our available memory foam layer, and the responsiveness of our high-density polyfoam for an experience that is sure to please. Nectars of the world unite and feel the love. Crawling up from below, this mattress with a reputation for performance and customer satisfaction is ready to show you a good time. With its responsive layer of gel memory foam, Nectar contours to your body so you can experience a full range of motion in sexual positions both traditional and not-so-traditional. The breathable cover helps regulate temperature and mitigates odor while the antimicrobial treatment keeps the bed fresh longer.

We like to sleep on a comfy mattress, but we don’t like the smell that some foam mattresses emit into the air. Creating one big enough for two was also a design challenge. Our solution was to create a mattress with multiple comfort layers and an optional cooling cover, packed into a bag just big enough for two. We also designed the Nectar to be environmentally-friendly, using certified green materials whenever possible from plant-based sources, and ship it straight out of our factory.

Comfort and Support

Comfort for Side Sleepers it can accommodate side sleepers from most weight groups. The memory foam’s three layers conforms to a sleeper’s body, allowing the hip and shoulder area of side sleepers to sink in enough to relieve pressure points. The medium firm feel may make it most appropriate for side sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds. These sleepers are significant enough to sink into the bed and experience significant cradling. This promotes better spinal alignment as well as relieving pressure points.

It is an introductory memory foam mattress with a medium firm feel made for side sleepers. The Nectar’s three layers of memory foam are designed to conform to the shape of your body and cradle you as you sleep. Each layer is special and optimized for a specific function. Thanks to these layers, the Nectar contours more to the natural shape of your body than a traditional innerspring mattress, alleviating pressure points. The Nectar’s proprietary material also offers motion isolation so one partner won’t disturb the other when they move around at night. 

Their two-sided mattress is designed to support you through a lifetime of sleep. With its three layers of memory foam, it forms around your body to promote better spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points.

Side sleepers who prefer firm mattresses need the Nectar mattress. It will keep your spine aligned for optimal back support while reducing pressure on the hips and shoulders. The Nectar’s customized human shape design gives you a great night’s sleep, every night. The Nectar contours to your body with a little give in the top layers to let you sink in, combined with Dynamic Foam™ that provides the support you need for a restful night of sleep.

Nectar is for you if you’re a side sleeper who weighs under 130 pounds and likes a firmer mattress.

back sleepers

Back Sleepers

They reinvent how an all foam mattress is made. Using a foundation of our Adaptive layer design, Nectar’s top layers are designed to support both you (the sleeper) and the mattress. The resulting experience is a truly comfortable sleep surface with pressure relief that you need. Featuring its revolutionary Pressure Relief System, this mattress will automatically soften when pressure points are detected, then support to help maintain your body in the ideal sleeping position.

Fusing innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship, you could say that Nectar does things differently and better. The Nectar mattress is a medium-firm model that’s intended for most sleep positions. It could be a good fit for certain body types, such as a back sleeper who’s over 230 pounds.

stomach sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

It isn’t just one of the most comfortable mattresses in its class for stomach sleepers, but it’s also one of the most reasonably priced. Comfort is a top priority when choosing a mattress—particularly for individuals who prefer to sleep on their stomach. The Nectar Mattress provides the support that many stomach sleepers need without sacrificing comfort. This mattress can support individuals from 130 to 230 pounds.

Nectar Comparison with other mattresses

Purple Mattress Vs Nectar

When looking at the Purple vs. Nectar mattress comparison, you will see that Purple has more options than Nectar. The original Purple is a gel-infused bed, while the Purple Hybrid has a 2-inch layer of gel foam along with its Grid. With the Nectar, there is just the one all-foam bed. Some sleepers will like that there are multiple layers of foam in the Purple mattresses compared to the 2-inch layer of gel foam in the Nectar’s top layer. Others may find this too much foam and miss the pressure relief offered by an all-foam bed.

With its responsive support and its ability to contour around the body, the Purple mattress is a great choice for stomach sleepers. The mattress contains hyper-elastic polymer material embedded in it that gives it just enough bounce to be soft without being too squishy. The Purple has an even lower sinkage rating than Nectar with only 1-inch of sinkage on the medium model. Read purple mattress review here.

Nectar and Purple offer 1”-7” hybrid foam mattresses, with Nectars priced at $850-$1300 and Purples at $1,100-$2,200. Each company offers multiple mattress models as well as their original bed (Necromancer Blanket). Because of the similarities between these companies, customers might not know how to decide between the two mattress companies while shopping. Nectar and Purple share one more similarity – they’re both satisfied sellers on Amazon.

Nectar Mattress Vs Casper

The Nectar is a memory foam mattress infused with cooling gel for all night comfort. The Nectar is a memory foam mattress that has layers of premium materials that work together to give you a restful night’s sleep. It features gel-infused memory foam, a breathable support layer, and comfort quilting whereas The Casper mattress is a simple foam bed made of specially-designed polyfoam. It has a thinner profile than many of its competitors, and it’s supported by a network of latex foam and memory foam that helps you sleep cool while offering great support and motion isolation.

The Nectar and Casper are two different types of mattresses – both lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. While the Casper is a balanced foam mattress with a soft top layer and medium-firm bottom layer, the Nectar is a memory foam mattress that feels soft due to its open-cell design. If you feel stuck deciding between the two, consider making them compete head-to-head in a Mattress Fight. Read casper mattress review here.

What Are Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies Of Nectar Mattress?

It is designed to provide you with the best pressure relief and back support during sleep. Originally designed for mattress stores, Nectar is now available through Amazon and 1,000+ US mattress stores.

When bought from the Nectar website, mattresses are delivered free of charge throughout the contiguous United States and for an extra fee to Alaska and Hawaii. Compacted via FedEx Ground. Unpacking and setting up the mattress is the responsibility of the customer.

For a $149 base charge, Nectar provides white glove delivery. White glove distribution requires setting up mattresses and removing old mattresses. An additional $45 charge will be charged for each extra item if you order additional components, such as a base or frame.

The Mattress comes with an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial when purchased directly from Nectar. This trial period starts 30 days after delivery of the mattress since it sometimes takes individuals about 30 days to adapt to a new mattress. The consumer has 365 days to return their mattress with a complete refund of the purchase price after the first 30 days. Nectar will help organize the donation of mattresses.


Nectar has definite pros and cons to it as well. Overall, the Nectar is a very well priced mattress with a good balance of sinkage and pushback. As long as you are in an appropriate weight range for it, you likely will find it quite comfortable. The Mattresses are designed to help you sleep better for a fraction of the price. No matter your weight, body type, or sleep preferences, we have a mattress that will give you a comfortable good night’s rest. When it comes to having a good night’s sleep, we know that one-size-fits-all mattresses just won’t cut it. It is also designed to contour to your unique shape and give you the support you need. Overall, Nectar is an innovative mattress designed for ultimate comfort. It works with the way you move and supports your body from head to toe while reducing the pressure points on your body.


We will certainly conclude that the Nectar is a decent mattress, but for some types of sleeper, it’s going to be better. Side sleepers, couples, and others who like the feel of memory foam will find it a good match. At the same time, they should look elsewhere for a stomach sleeper and others who want a firmer, more sensitive mattress.

A new mattress should be a long-term investment, and you should plan on enjoying your mattress for 8-10 years. The key to that longevity is allowing your body to get used to the mattress as opposed to changing it constantly. For best results, rotate your mattress every month for the first six months, and then quarterly after that. This allows your body to adjust more naturally instead of forcing it to a sudden change.

This, again, depends on the mattress. Innerspring mattresses benefit from a mattress flip, in fact. Most suggest keeping the internal coils even and taut every two to three months. For a few years, that can extend the lifespan of a good mattress. If, however, your bed is already displaying sag, it will not necessarily do any good to transform your mattress. The cat is out of the bag already.

The amazing year-long trial period that begins the day your mattress is shipped to your door is one of the best aspects of selecting a Nectar mattress. Before deciding whether you will be together forever, we urge you to take the first 30 days to get to know your new Nectar, and to get to know you. One of the best aspects of selecting a Nectar mattress is the incredible year-long trial period that starts the day your mattress is delivered to your door. They also provide lifetime warranty. We advise you to take the first 30 days to get to know your new Nectar, and to get to know you, before deciding if you’ll be together forever.

Unlike other shopping experiences, our boxes are packed by weight, not just volume. This means that if you order a Twin, our packaging team will find the most efficient way to pack a mattress that is 45lb (20kg) in weight. One Specially designed packaging allows us to ship a box that is much smaller and easier to carry than traditional shipping containers. Nectar weights range from 45 lbs to 105 lbs (twin) (CalKing). Nectar may be slightly heavier than other market mattresses, but it is made of stronger, heavier and more durable materials, and we believe this is.

Nectar has evaluated and selected the best materials from around the world in order to provide our customers’ best night’s sleep. Our products are manufactured in countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Mexico and the USA, in accordance with the utmost safety and sanitary measures.

Returns are handled by returning the original mattress. You can decide if you would like to purchase the replacement prior to receiving the refund for your return. If there is damage to your Nectar, let us know and we’ll figure out next steps with you.

The packing materials for your Nectar don’t need to be kept once you have unpacked it. If at any stage during your trial you decide that the Nectar isn’t quite right for you, don’t worry about getting it back into its original packaging. Simply contact a return specialist by completing the online Resident Home Return Request form.

Returns, as always, are free within the contiguous U.S. But if you’re from outside the US, there is a delivery charge only.

Nectar can be used with or without a box spring, but either will provide optimum comfort for the sleeper. All mattresses are not made equal. You’ve probably noticed that if you’ve been searching for mattresses for a long time.

Nectar suggests waiting for the mattress to expand to its full 11-inch thickness before sleeping on it since it arrives compressed in a box.

The Nectar has above-average durability due to its dense foam layers, which have an expected lifespan of six to seven years.

For reference, the typical mattress lifespan is 6-8 years.

Visit any of their nearly 2,000 retailers nationwide and take home the mattress of your dreams. You will receive all of the benefits associated with Nectar, such as the 365-Night Test, and Forever WarrantyTM. You will be able to interact with mattress experts in a Mattress Warehouse store in order to make sure that the mattress is a perfect fit for your needs.

Nectar mattresses can be used with any foundation, be it a divan, traditional frame, or even an adjustable base….. Just know that your Nectar mattress is ready to sleep on straight out of the box — no additional accouterments needed. That’s a comforting feeling for any sleeper.

Nectar mattresses ship within 5-7 business days, unless a particular mattress is on backorder.

Yes. Nectar’s cover can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent or with hand soap. However, to protect the integrity of your mattress and its components, we recommend not removing the cover nor do we recommend dry cleaning or submerging it in water.

The Nectar has an inner cover that allows air to be circulated but won’t admit moisture. It’s vegetal-based foams are also naturally resistant to bed bugs.