WinkBed Mattress Review

The WinkBeds GravityLux is a high-quality mattress that is available in three firmness options. The mattress is constructed using one of three materials: polyfoam, microcoils, and pocketed coils. Each of these materials contributes to the structure and feel in different ways. A blend of multiple foams ensures that the mattress delivers ultimate comfort and support for side sleepers. The GravityLux is designed to be a good fit for most sleepers, while still fitting into a smaller bedroom space.

The WinkBed Mattress offers a unique combination of high-end design, luxury performance, and affordability. High-quality materials mixed with a variety of mattress firmness options can get you the sleep you deserve.

In This WinkBed Mattress Review, find out why it is considered to be the luxurious mattresses. We have reviewed based on price, comfort and other features.

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  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • 120 Nights Sleep Trial
  • Forever Warranty
  • Financing Options

The WinkBed mattress is a hybrid mattress manufactured in the United States that uses multiple materials to create different firmness levels and a customized feel. The WinkBed has multiple firmness options–softer, luxury firm, firmer and PLUS–and each option has an accompanying construction to create the right feel for you.

  • Support – 5/5
  • Cooling – 4/5
  • Motion Transfer – 3.5/5
  • Durability – 4.5/5
  • Trial period – 4/5
  • Warranty – 5/5
  • Sleepers of any weight group, in any position
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Sleepers who sleep or sit near the bed’s perimeter
  • Sleepers who are looking for a balance between bounce, motion isolation, and pressure relief
  • Sleepers may find some firmness options too soft or too firm.
  • Sleepers who prefer a closer hug
  • Your weight is under 130 pounds.
  • You prefer a softer sleep surface.
  • You need more motion isolation
  • You weigh less than 130 pounds and sleep on your back.
  • Your weight ranges between 130 and 230 pounds and you sleep on your side.
  • You and your sleep partner have different preferences for position or weight.
  • You weigh more than 230 pounds.
  • You weigh 130 to 230 pounds and sleep on your back or stomach.
  • You weigh more than 230 pounds.
  • You weigh 130 to 230 pounds and sleep on your stomach.

WinkBed Mattress Review – Our Honest Evaluation

The WinkBed Mattress can be described as a hybrid model with firmness options, consisting of Softer (4), Luxury Firm (6), Firmer (7-8), and PLUS (7-8).  The firmness options mentioned above may differ in construction and materials. For example, the PLUS option has three layers of coils, whereas the firmer options have two layers. The Softer option uses 2-inch layers of transition polyfoam in the comfort system, whereas the firmer versions have a layer of pocketed microcoils.

This mattress is designed for pressure relief and conforming support. The Softer version of the WinkBeds has a layer of 3 PCF polyfoam, as well as a 2-inch transition layer to separate the comfort system from the core. This combination allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress while still feeling some support.

It is one of the most innovative hybrid mattresses on the market. Featuring eight different firmness options, the WinkBed bridges the gap between custom and off-the-shelf mattresses. The wide range of options allows most sleepers to find a comfort level that they prefer. Additionally, its gel-infused Euro pillow top features quilting designed to relieve pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment. Whether you like a firm, cushioned mattress or something in between, WinkBed has a firmness option for your needs.”

Each WinkBed mattress is made with natural Tencel fabric. This breathable material is woven to wick away excessive heat for cooler, more restful sleep.

This mattress is fully customizable, offering four different firmness options, and it’s available in three different sizes: Twin (38”x75”x10”), Full (53”x75”x10”), and Queen (60”x80”x10.5”).

WinkBed Mattress Construction

Winkbed Adjustable frame

The WinkBed has two firmness options – PLUS and SOFTER. Both are available in Queen and King sizes. WinkBeds are made with cool, breathable fabric and are designed to provide incredible sleep. Choose from materials like cotton, bamboo rayon, and polyfoam. The Deluxe Model includes a latex core.

WinkBed Mattress Prices and Sizing

The WinkBed Mattress is an ultra-affordable luxury hybrid mattress that comes in at a lower price than average for a hybrid model. The WinkBed Mattress features three firmness options—soft, luxury firm, and firmer—that let you choose the mattress that best matches your preferences. It has five layers of high-quality materials and construction, including a supportive pocket coil design and premium materials that are 100% temperature neutral.

This mattress is designed to reduce pressure points and provide support. It is made of high-quality materials, including an ultra-strong 7000 series spring coil system, dense quality foam, 13-gauge high-density coils in the border, and low VOC fire resistant fiber fill. The WinkBed Mattress is available in all standard mattress sizes, with the PLUS option costing extra.

Twin38″ x 75″ | 13.5 | 75 lbs$1,049
Twin XL38″ x 80″ | 13.5 | 85 lbs$1,149
Full54″ x 75″ | 13.5 | 120 lbs$1,299
Queen60″ x 80″ | 13.5 | 135 lbs$1,599
King76″ x 80″ | 13.5 | 145 lbs$1,799
California King72″ x 84″ | 13.5 | 145 lbs$1,849

WinkBed Mattress Performance

The WinkBed’s layered cushioning is designed to relax and conform to your body, helping you achieve a more comfortable, deeper sleep. Below the pressure-relieving top foam layer is a firmer support layer that increases the mattress’s ability to contour to your body for even greater support and comfort.

The WinkBed is a Latex Hybrid Mattress that utilizes a 3 zone design. The pressure-relieving top layer provides comfort, while the support layer helps it contour to the body. The support layer is also wrapped in foam for additional comfort.

Wink Beds are designed to fit the needs of specific sleepers. The WinkBed is a hybrid mattress that includes softer materials, such as micro coils, latex, and polyfoam. Each firmness provides a particular experience. Premium materials can help with pain relief and pain management. Example: “Soft Firm” option contains a pillow top layer of micro coils, rather than coils under the entirety of the top layer. Some sleepers feel this material helps relieve pressure in their shoulders and hips for stress relief.

The WinkBed hybrid mattress is the perfect choice for all sleepers. Featuring a firm, supportive foam core and soft, conforming padding that cradles the body without sacrificing pressure relief. Each firmness provides a particular experience. Premium materials can help with pain relief and pain management.

The WinkBed mattress features a Tencel cover that helps your body stay cooler throughout the night. The top layer of the WinkBed mattress is made with a gel-infused polyfoam so heat can dissipate more quickly than memory foam. The microcoil layer adds air circulation, and it also has a plush cushioning for better pressure relief and comfort.

The WinkBed Mattress is truly a hybrid mattress that brings the best of innerspring and memory foam together in one luxurious sleeping experience. Featuring an Extra-Edge support system with a performance hybrid coil, the WinkBed offers unmatched edge support while still providing the comfort and pressure relief you would expect from a memory foam mattress.

The WinkBeds three softest versions are designed for those who prefer a more responsive feel. They’re made with an extra layer of transition polyfoam to help keep you from sinking too far as you move through the night, giving you the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Sex is fun, but it can also be hard on the body. But with a WinkBed mattress, you get the comfort and support you need to make love all night long. And you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, not sore. That’s because our mattress’ relaxing layers blend responsive coils with conforming memory foam for a personalized feel.

The WinkBed Mattress offers an intuitive foam layering system that allows individuals to easily change their sleep positions throughout the night, making it a great fit for couples who fall in love with their mattress. WinkBed mattresses are much firmer than other mattresses on the market, and this increased support creates ideal traction for sex. The Softer option adds a latex layer to the comfort system that contours to individual body shapes to create sensations of weight-shifting and pulling, which can be a turn-on for some individuals during sexual activity.`

The WinkBed Mattress is a cloud-like mattress made of high-quality, supportive memory foam wrapped in a Quilted Cover that’s comfortable to sleep on and easy to clean. Adjustable, advanced sleep technology like an adjustable base layer, and individually wrapped coils create ultra-supportive layers that contour to your body. The 8” of soothing memory foam even helps relieve pressure points. The WinkBed mattress is an amazingly comfortable hybrid mattress for couples that calls it home every night.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

The WinkBed mattress has the same feel and support along the length of the bed, regardless of what firmness is selected. Side sleepers are likely to experience better spinal alignment with the firmer models, as they provide solid support while contouring to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders.

It offers a variety of firmness options for sleepers with different tastes and sleeping positions. This mattress may be a good option for side sleepers who weigh between 130 pounds and 230 pounds. Side sleepers over 230 pounds may find that the PLUS is too soft, while side sleepers under 130 pounds may prefer one of the firmer options. The Softer and Luxury Firm are the two softer options, while the Firmer and PLUS are the two firmer versions of this mattress. Zoned coil cores help to support correct spinal alignment near sleeper’s midsection.

Mattresses that are too firm may encourage pressure buildup around the hips and shoulders, whereas mattresses that are too soft may hinder a proper spinal alignment for side sleepers.

back sleepers

Back Sleepers

The WinkBed offers four firmness levels, or flexibility in your mattress choice. This mattress offers the benefits of latex while still allowing sleepers to customize their experience. The Softer, Luxury Firm, Firm and PLUS models each feature a different combination of latex and foam layers for a variety of feel options.

The WinkBed is a mattress built around four comfort options to alleviate pressure points and keep back sleepers properly supported in all the right places. Four firmness levels, with two feel variations at each level, mean that an ideal mattress can be top-quality mattresses the perfect match for individual sleepers.

stomach sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

The WinkBed pillow top mattress is an 11” thick or 11.5” thick dual layer hybrid mattress that offers an ideal combination of firmness, edge support, and comfort for back, side and stomach sleepers in any position.

The WinkBed PLUS mattress is specifically designed for heavier stomach sleepers at 160 pounds or more. The WinkBed PLUS mattress has some of the most thick and supportive latex around. The result is a comfortable night’s sleep with better back support.

Because of their differences in firmness, each WinkBed Mattress variant may be better suited for some weight groups than others.If you are a stomach sleeper who does not weigh over 130 pounds, the Softer version may be most comfortable.

WinkBed – Softer

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentExcellentFair
Stomach SleepersGoodFairPoor

WinkBed – Luxury Firm

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersGoodExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodFair
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodFair

WinkBed – Firmer

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersFairGoodExcellent
Back SleepersFairExcellentExcellent
Stomach SleepersGoodExcellentExcellent

WinkBed – Plus

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersFairFairExcellent
Back SleepersFairExcellentExcellent
Stomach SleepersFairExcellentExcellent

Awards for the WinkBed Mattress

  • Best Innerspring Mattress
  • Best California King Mattress
  • Best Mattress for Back Pain
  • Best Mattress for Seniors
  • Best Mattress for Teenagers
  • Best Pillow Top Mattress
  • Best Mattress for Back Sleepers
  • Best Hybrid Mattress
  • Most Comfortable Mattress
  • Best Firm Mattress
  • Best Mattress for Acid Reflux
  • Best King Mattress

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

It can be ordered through WinkBeds, which ships within the United States.

These include the SleePare Showrooms in New York City and Tysons Corner, VA; the Sleep Sherpa Showrooms in Chicago and the Twin Cities; the Sleep Sherpa Mattress Store in Austin; and the Our Sleep Guide Austin Showroom.

WinkBeds offers free ground shipping in the contiguous United States. The mattresses arrive compressed in a box for ease of transport. The buyers are responsible for unpacking the mattress, setting it up, and moving it into their choice of room.

Mattresses are assembled once an order is placed. Shipping takes about two weeks, though the exact arrival date may vary depending on where you live.

The WinkBed Mattress is covered by a lifetime limited warranty which includes a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase. This warranty is valid for original mattress owners who purchased their WinkBed Mattress from an authorized retailer.

This warranty covers defects, including indentations greater than 1.5 inches, defects in the assembly of the cover, as well as defects that cause degradation, splitting, or cracking of the foam. The mattress will be replaced free of charge for eligible defects if the customer fails to use it on a proper foundation. Abuse or neglect will not be covered under the warranty.

If WinkBeds confirms a qualifying defect, it will cover the transport costs. Otherwise, customers are responsible for shipping costs.

Additional rules and conditions apply.

Winkbeds’ “Room of Choice” is similar to the White Glove delivery.  For $129, customers receive the service of delivering the mattress, unboxing it, setting it up, and removing the packaging materials.

A 120-night sleep trial allows purchasers to try a mattress at home for at least 30 nights before being able to return it for a full refund.

If a mattress isn’t the right firmness for a customer, a $49 White Glove delivery fee applies. Customers who return their mattress will receive a 60-night trial period on their replacement mattress.

This offer is only valid for one trial period per customer and shipping address.