Tuft & Needle vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Tuft & Needle vs. Purple Mattress

Tuft & Needle and Purple sell their own mattresses directly to consumers online. Both companies offer a wide selection of mattress models, including memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring options. Tuft & Needle and Purple are popular online mattress companies. Both also sell other sleep products, including sheets, blankets, pillows, and bed frames. Tuft & Needle’s …

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Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Casper vs. Purple Mattress

The Casper and the Purple models are all similar in terms of construction. A layer of foam rests on top of the base foam layer. On top of these layers is a comfort layer, which is where each company puts its own stamp. The grid on Purple models collapses as pressure is applied in order …

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Brooklyn Bedding vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Brooklyn Bedding vs. Purple Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding and Purple are two leading players in the online mattress industry, both based in Southern California. Brooklyn Bedding originally launched with a few brick-and-mortar stores 25 years ago but soon moved towards an online model, offering a wider selection than may be found in local mattress stores. Purple made waves online in 2016 …

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Allswell vs Purple – Which Should You Choose?

Allswell Vs. Purple

Allswell is a premium mattress that is a little firmer. Purple Sleep is better suited for side sleepers because of the nature of the gel grid. The Allswell uses memory foam and has a more traditional memory foam feel where sleepers gradually sink into the mattress. The Purple top uses a unique material that’s firm, …

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Purple vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison – Which Is Better In 2022?

Purple Vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Purple and Tempur-Pedic are competitors in the mattress industry, and their mattress models have differences that make them uniquely suited for different sleeping styles. Though there are similarities between Purple and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, both brands offer sleepers a wide range of options to find the right mattress for their preferences. The Purple Mattress combines the …

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Review 2022 – Is It a Good Mattress?

The Purple Mattress is the flagship mattress model from Purple. This mattress provides a traditional sleeping experience for those looking for a traditional innerspring mattress, but with the benefits of foam support. The Purple Grid is the brand’s signature move, and the one that got them to where they are today. While additional comfort/support materials …

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Purple Mattress Review 2022 – Is It Worth It?

Purple is a three-layer mattress made out of hyper-elastic polymer that allows for cooling airflow throughout. It’s a medium-firm mattress measuring 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale and provided at a budget price-point. The Original Purple is a comfortable, low-cost, high-value mattress that offers exceptional support. With its cooling Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid, the …

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