Best Mattress in 2022

Best Mattress

Although shopping for a mattress seems simple enough – after all, they’re just pieces of foam right? Well, not quite. Over the past few years there have been a bevy of innovations to the mattress industry. With so many products on the market today, finding the best mattresses has become difficult. Many women (and men) …

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How To Store A Mattress? 4 Simple Ways

In this how to store a mattress guide, we have covered four simple ways to protect and store a mattress the right way. Buying a mattress is a big investment so naturally you’ll want to keep your new bedding for as long as possible. The better you take care of your mattress in storage, the …

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Advice On How To Sleep With Arthritis

People deserve a comfortable night’s sleep, but it doesn’t come easy to everyone. There are many factors that can disrupt a good night’s sleep, and pain is a big factor. For those with arthritis pain, sleep can be nearly impossible. In this article, we will examine the relationship between arthritis and sleep, and offer some …

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Best Mattress in a Box in 2022

When searching for the best mattress in a box, your decision should hinge on a few key factors. The first is the customer reviews—bed in a box mattress brands are growing in popularity for good reason. Discounted prices and free shipping make these brands an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers who are looking to replace …

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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Used Mattress

used mattress

Buying a used mattress is a lot like shaving with a potato peeler. It’s not recommended. The debate over whether or not you should buy a used mattress is an interesting one. On the one hand, a used mattress can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than a new mattress. On the other hand, a used …

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How To Clean a Mattress in 6 Easy Steps?

The average person will spend about a third of their life in a bed, which means it’s important to know how to clean a mattress. It’s not a matter of if your mattress will get dirty, it’s a matter of when.  Even if you have best firm mattress that costs thousands of dollars, it will still …

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Amazon vs Zinus vs Tuft and Needle vs LinenSpa vs Lucid

Each mattress is different, but they all offer a similar combination of features. The AmazonBasics and the Zinus have coils, while the Tuft and Needle, Linenspa and Lucid are foam mattresses. The AmazonBasics mattress is constructed with one layer of polyurethane foam, whereas the Tuft and Needle is a polyfoam. The Zinus comes with three …

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Allswell vs Saatva – Which Is Better In 2022?

Allswell Vs. Saatva

Saatva and Allswell are two bed-in-a-box options that have a few differences and some similarities. They have different price points and are made of different materials. In this Allswell vs Saatva comparison, we’ll look at them side-by-side in this mattress comparison to help you determine which is the better fit for you. Note that this …

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Allswell vs Purple – Which Should You Choose?

Allswell Vs. Purple

Allswell is a premium mattress that is a little firmer. Purple Sleep is better suited for side sleepers because of the nature of the gel grid. The Allswell uses memory foam and has a more traditional memory foam feel where sleepers gradually sink into the mattress. The Purple top uses a unique material that’s firm, …

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