Leesa Mattress Review 2022 – Tested & Evaluated Personally

After raising more than $2.5 million through initial crowd funding, Leesa has become a trusted name in the online mattress space. Does the Leesa Original live up to the hype? Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress in a box, though it’s not your typical foam offering. The top layer is zoned, consisting of three distinct types of foam designed to provide pressure relief while maintaining support. The center consists of viscose-based “response foam” designed to bounce back quickly between uses. A dense support core keeps everything together and provides additional durability.

In this Leesa mattress review, we also covered all the important information, ranging from construction to sizing, cost, construction, distribution, returns, and more, to help understand how the Leesa Original stacks up.

Leesa Legend Mattress
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • 100 Nights Sleep Trial
  • 10 year, Limited Warranty
  • Financing Options

Leesa was one of the first companies to offer mattresses online. The company has received positive remarks about its original Leesa mattress, an all-foam mattress that is reviewed in this review.

  • Support – 3.5/5
  • Cooling – 3/5
  • Motion Transfer – 4/5
  • Durability – 4/5
  • Trial period – 3.5/5
  • Warranty – 3/5
  • Side sleepers often need extra cushioning in the shoulder area to provide support. 
  • The Wave mattress is designed to provide optimal motion isolation, so you stay asleep — even if your partner tosses and turns.
  • Socially-conscious shoppers want to show their integrity by supporting a mission-driven company.
  • Considerable Hug: The Leesa mattress combines pressure-relieving memory foam and powerful pocketed coils for cooling support along with a luxurious feel.
  • Only One Firmness Choice: This mattress is only available in a medium feel, so it is necessary to look elsewhere for clients who want more choices.

Leesa Mattress Review – Our Honest Evaluation

The Leesa Original is one of the most talked-about mattresses online. Made in the United States, it’s a sturdy mattress that can be shipped for free and arrives compressed to a manageable size. Its layers of foams provide deep, customized comfort with great pressure relief and cooling. The top layer of Avena foam is pressure relieving, while the Ventilated Air Foam layer at the bottom provides extra breathability. We like to call this mattress “delicate firm, ” but its layers also offer good support for back and stomach sleepers alike, and its edges provide solid stability for sleeping and sitting.

The Leesa mattress makes its home online, eliminating the need for costly brick-and-mortar storefronts and showrooms. The result is a high-quality foam mattress that does not cost an arm and a leg. It features CoolingTech, which is a breathable cover fabric that helps regulate temperature. Plus there’s EasyReturns, meaning you don’t pay for delivery or return until satisfied.

The company has expanded on their popularity by releasing two other mattresses since the launch of the Leesa Original:

  • The Leesa Hybrid is an 11-inch mattress that offers a blend of soft and firm support. It’s made with Avena foam, a proprietary blended memory foam, for added comfort and bounce.
  • The Leesa Legend is a 12-inch luxury mattress with a coil-on-coil design that provides considerable responsiveness and edge support. 

It features a unique foam layering system that includes two inches of agro-derived specialty polyfoam, two inches of memory foam, and six inches of medium-density polyfoam support foam. This combination creates a mattress that has the ability to contour, disperse pressure points, isolate motion, and breathe.

It combines the bounce and responsiveness of a latex foam layer with the contouring support and pressure relief of memory foam. A unique construction process makes our Leesa mattress a generous and luxurious 12 inches in height, which means it will fit snugly on most bed frames, box springs, and slatted bases.

Their proprietary two-step hyper-elastic polymer is felt only at the surface of the mattress for a luxurious feel that you’ll love to sink into each night. The comfort layers are made up of support polyfoam with a 55Iz gel infusion throughout to help keep you cool. Finally, the mattress cover is lined with soft Lycra for robust durability and breathability.

Leesa Mattress Prices and Sizing

Leesa Originals offer customers a good value overall. In terms of pricing, it fares similarly to other all-foam mattresses of the same design and profile. Customers can find options that are both less and more expensive on the market, but for a straightforward all-foam bed that employs memory foam, the Leesa Original has a reasonable price tag in the middle of the total range.

The Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress that is priced similarly to similar mattresses on the market.

The Leesa Original mattress is a full-support memory foam mattress priced reasonably compared to similar all-foam mattresses. Other mattress brands like Beautyrest offer similar design and profile for a more competitive price. For shoppers who value the firmness level but are willing to sacrifice some in the motion isolation department, beds from Kingsdown or Sealy as well as the Bear mattress may be cheaper alternatives.

Twin39″ x 75″ | 10 | 45 lbs$599
Twin XL39″ x 80″ | 10 | 48 lbs$699
Full54″ x 75″ | 10 | 56 lbs$899
Queen60″ x 80″ | 10 | 71 lbs$999
King76″ x 80″ | 10 | 90 lbs$1199
California King72″ x 84″ | 10 | 92 lbs$1199

Leesa Mattress Performance

Leesa mattresses are designed to make a good night’s sleep effortless and dependable. Our award-winning mattress formula is designed to relieve pressure points, provide motion isolation, and create the right support for your spine. In fact, their mattress is tested to have one of the most balanced pressure-relieving qualities in the industry.

Leesa mattresses are made from all of the natural latex, cashmere and wool used in our bedding. Latex forms the foundation, or core support foam, of our mattress. It’s a naturally breathable material, and its unique structure gives it a stable feel. Cashmere and wool add to support and give the surface layer a silky smooth texture that helps to insulate each sleeper from disturbances in the night.

Leesa uses three layers of foam to provide you with better comfort no matter what position you sleep in. The top layer is two inches of responsive high-quality memory foam that adjusts to your body and helps alleviate pressure points. The middle layer is made of gel-infused base foam that adds support for the sleeper, and the bottom base layer is made of solid polyurethane for stability. Leesa mattresses are available in all sizes and their uniquely constructed memory foam conforms to your body and adapts to your shape to reduce pressure points as you sleep.

The Leesa Mattress is a great alternative to traditional bedding. The mattress combines latex, springs, and polyfoam for optimal comfort. Memory foam top layer provides great support and relieves pressure on the body. Open cell structure allows for air flow, so you never feel sweaty. Polyfoam layer in the middle for middle layer of support. Base layers are made of latex, polyfoam, and steel coils to provide a firm sleeping surface.

If you sleep in various positions, the soft and firm ends of Leesa can feel equivalent. Unlike the other foam beds, this one had a 2-inch gap between its top and bottom. This was not noticeable during testing because, unlike mattresses with springs, it’s not possible to sit on the edge. However, if you use the bed’s edge for reading or watching television, you may bump into the gap if you switch sides frequently. During one side-to-side test, our tester was able to snag several coils under the firmer end of the Leesa mattress when moving between consistently soft and firm.

Leesa’s patent-pending Twist + Snap™, Dual Support Foam Encasement is designed to minimize motion transfer so you can sleep soundly and wake refreshed. The unique design is engineered with a layer of latex foam on top of a layer of polyfoam, followed by another layer of polyfoam. This combination cradles your body while also keeping you supported for any position. The responsive latex quickly adjusts to your movements without ever losing its shape, creating a luxurious sleeping surface for any type of sleeper.

Leesa is ideal for sex, too. It yields some of the advantages of a firm mattress with a medium feel and above average movement power, while also offering more cushioning than a foam-only alternative. Couples chose Leesa because they love that during playtime it’s both fun to sleep on and awesome.

The Leesa mattress is a great purchase for a number of reasons. The top-layer is made with Tencel, which is naturally breathable and pairs well with the offset coil system that contours to the shape of your body for added comfort. This adjustable bed also has a no-flip design, so you don’t have to turn it over every six months. If you like sleeping cool, this bed has 1″ of gel memory foam, and for extra support it has individually wrapped coils.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Considering your sleeping posture and body weight will help decide if this is a suitable mattress option for your needs if you are testing the Leesa Original.

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Leesa beds work for side sleepers. Our Medium Feel is firm enough to provide support for the hips, shoulders and spine of most side sleepers under 230 pounds while being soft enough to allow sizable surface contact for everyone. At the same time, our Medium-Firm feel gives heavier side sleepers under 230 pounds contouring that supports their necks without bottoming out too early or sinking too far into the mattress. Leesa beds are equally well suited for side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds with a slightly greater preference toward the lower end of that range. 

back sleepers

Back Sleepers

The Leesa Original mattress is a great choice for back sleepers who weigh between 130 and 200 pounds. Back sleepers who weigh less than this won’t experience the full benefits of a firmer mattress. Those who weigh more than 200 pounds need to avoid softer mattresses, or they will sink too far into the foam, which causes pressure points and disrupts spinal alignment. The Leesa Original has all the firmness and support that back sleepers need to get deep, restorative sleep at night.

stomach sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

The Leesa Original is our firmest mattress and the perfect option for back and stomach sleepers. It utilizes our innovative Adaptive Foam™ technology and is crafted with superb attention to detail. Perfect for back or stomach sleepers, our Medium feel is ideal for individuals up to 130 pounds.

The Leesa Original isn’t just another mattress in a box; it’s a game changer, offering incredible quality, comfort and superior value.

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodFair
Stomach SleepersGoodFairFair

Awards for the Leesa Mattress

  • Best Online Mattress

What are Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

The Leesa Original is available in several brick-and-mortar stores and online.

The mattress is available online straight from the Leesa website as well as from third parties such as Amazon. Purchasing from a third-party usually means that this store can handle all refunds and support problems rather than Leesa.

The mattress can be bought on the Leesa website for buyers in all 50 U.S. states, as well as in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Leesa has its own showroom, the Leesa Dream Gallery, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for in-store sales. In order to make Leesa Original available in stores throughout the United States, Leesa has now collaborated with retailers such as Macy’s, West Elm, and Pottery Barn. On the company’s website, a Store Finder feature lets clients locate brick-and-mortar stores with Leesa products in their region.

The Leesa Original is a memory foam mattress that comes shipped directly to your doorstep in a box. The mattress is completely made of foam and so it will expand once the box is opened, usually within a week of purchase. Getting a good night of sleep has never been easier when you have the ultra-durable Leesa Original mattress.

If the Leesa Original is ordered online and directly from Leesa, FedEx Ground can ship it free of charge to all 50 U.S. states. The mattress is delivered as a bed-in-a-box, usually within a week after placing an order, that is brought to your doorstep. The mattress will decompress to achieve its maximum size until you take the box into your bedroom and open the bag.

If the Leesa Original is bought from Amazon or a brick-and-mortar shop, delivery times and policies can be different.

Shipping to Canadian, German, and U.K. consumers An extra cost comes with it. For information about delivery time and rate, shoppers in these areas may check with Leesa.

Leesa provides a 10-year limited warranty. Warranty coverage includes covering defects in materials and manufacturing as well as making repairs and replacing a defective mattress. Shipping costs for warranty claims must be paid by the customer.

Leesa has a 100-night sleep trial with a full refund if the customer is not satisfied. A return request is handled by Leesa and the mattress is then donated to people in need. Leesa offers a lifetime warranty on their mattress that covers any sagging or indents greater than one inch that occurs after normal use. It is important to note that the Lifetime Warranty does not cover the initial investment for the mattress or foundation.

For an additional charge of $150, Leesa provides White Glove distribution in several places. In your apartment, this facility involves mattress assembly and disposal of old mattresses.