Bear Mattress Review

Bear Hybrid
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  • 100 Nights Sleep Trial
  • 10 year Warranty
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Bear Mattress is an all-foam mattress for athletes and active sleepers. Build from laminated wood panels, it sits atop a sturdy wood foundation. The mattress cover is made with Celliant fabric to stimulate blood flow and accelerate athletic recovery.

  • Support – 4/5
  • Cooling – 3.5/5
  • Motion Transfer – 4/5
  • Durability – 4/5
  • Trial period – 3.5/5
  • Warranty – 5/5
  • Budget shoppers looking for a high-quality, all-foam mattress without the high price tag.
  • People who like the feeling of lying on a relatively solid mattress that offers some body contouring.
  • Physically active people or people with stressful physical occupations may be benefited by Celliant’s fabric technologies.
  • You may not use Bear if you’re heavy or sleep on your stomach.
  • The absence of edge support is a concern if you are having trouble getting in and out of bed.

Bear Mattress Review – Our Honest Evaluation

The concept of this mattress is to improve sleep and speed up physical recovery. The Bear Mattress is an all-foam mattress composed of 2 inches of graphite infused memory foam (to promote cooling), 2-inch poly foam layer on top of 6 inches of dense polyfoam for support and 8-inch base. Celliant technology is embedded into the top layer of the mattress. It increases blood flow, accelerates healing, and delays the aging process. The mattress is designed to help create better sleep and physical recovery times by generating infrared energy that’s transferred back into the body, as well as keeping sleepers cool during the night. Built with a medium level firmness, the mattress offers a firm feel to aid in minimizing motion transfer and to keep sleepers from feeling stuck in the bed. The Bear accommodates sleepers of most sizes, including heavier sleepers, due to its thicker profile.

It is an all-foam mattress built to support your active life. It weighs less than 90 pounds, can be easily transported for camping, and features a cover which converts body heat into infrared energy for increased oxygen flow. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping, trail running, mountain climbing, or resting on the sofa, Bear Mattress provides comfort to your body’s sleep systems during the time when you’re just relaxing.

We concentrate solely on the original Bear Mattress for this analysis, covering specifics of the mattress’ design, pricing, and performance. Remember that Bear also sells two additional versions, the Bear Hybrid and the Bear Pro, with different characteristics and details.

Bear Mattress Construction

Bear Mattress Smart Technology

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress has a quilted cover that is breathable and tufted with soft memory foam.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature has a layer of TitanFlex foam beneath the cover. For added cooling, this proprietary material is infused with gel. It also gives the feeling of responsiveness, which helps with pressure relief. A 1.5-inch layer of Energex transition foam is beneath the top comfort layer.


Dreamcloud Mattress 1 1

Although the DreamCloud has a breathable foam-tufted cover, it is encased in a soft cashmere blend.

Ultimate relaxation is what first comes to mind when you hear about the DreamCloud’s comfort layers. The gel memory foam used for this layer helps create a slow-moving response to pressure that won’t wake you up feeling hot.

A layer of pocketed coils is also included in the DreamCloud, giving it a supportive innerspring feel.

Bear Mattress delivers a premium night’s sleep by combining proprietary technology with the best that nature has to offer. Celliant is woven into the fabric of our exclusive, stretch-knit cover that feels like a warm hug and is designed to maximize your comfort by boosting the natural thermoregulation of your body. Their patented hybrid memory foam eliminates pressure points and off-gasses, so you’re left pain free and ready to start your day.

Bear Mattress is a mattress that is customized to fit your body, and it provides pressure-relief, spinal-alignment and pain-relief where you need it most. You can choose from 5 different comfort option levels, and each option comes in 4 firmness levels. This gives you 20 total mattress variations to sleep on.

It sets a new standard in comfort and support. Temperature sensitive memory foam offers stretch-free support from head to toe while pocket coils support and align the spine for added comfort. Memory foam conforms to body curves while providing pressure-relief and pain relief where you need it most. This mattress supports the back and ensures a deeper, more restful night’s sleep experience.

Bear Mattress is the only mattress on the market that combines Celliant technology with exceptional comfort and support. With Bear’s smart yarn, you get help falling asleep, and faster recovery during sleep. Supportive comfort layers ensure a quality sleep without sagging or lumpiness .

How Much Does the Bear Mattress Cost?

The Bear offers a great deal of value, thanks to its high-quality foam, and is available in twin to California king sizes. The mattress is comfortable enough for most sleepers, though multiple reviewers find that it takes a few weeks to achieve maximum comfort. The Bear is just right. At 10 inches deep, all sizes of the Bear fit standard bedding. This mattress combines all-foam construction with advanced memory foam technology to offer a more comfortable night’s sleep at an affordable price. Backed by our 15-year limited warranty, this mattress is a great long-term value.

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Twin39″ x 75″ | 10 | 50 lbs$500
Twin XL39″ x 80″ | 10 | 50 lbs$600
Full54″ x 75″ | 10 | 60 lbs$700
Queen60″ x 80″ | 10 | 70 lbs$800
King76″ x 80″ | 10 | 90 lbs$900
California King72″ x 84″ | 10 | 90 lbs$900

What does the Bear Mattress Feel Like?

The Bear Mattress includes the most advanced memory foam technology available in an all-foam mattress. The layers work together to absorb motion, and limit its spread to deliver a sleep experience that’s quiet, comfortable, and motion-isolating. The Bear Mattress features an advanced level of motion deprivation, so you can get a good night’s sleep. It is designed for comfort and responsiveness with its memory foam comfort layer, while the support base layers help prevent motion transfer, especially for couples who sleep in close proximity.

The Bear Mattress is a really great dacron padded mattress. Our testers reported pressure relief and little to no pressure buildup on the shoulders and hips. Bear Mattresses offer comfort and support for stomach sleepers, back sleepers and combination sleepers. The Bear Mattress does not sleep quite as well for side sleepers unless you are a larger side sleeper.” It is a medium-firm, 10” gel foam mattress with quilted cover that provides excellent pressure relief thanks to its high quality foam. Our testers felt supported and comfortable the entire night, thanks to the mattress’s two layers of memory foam and one layer of gel foam; as well as its 4.5” light border foam.

The Bear mattress is infused with graphite gel to help absorb and dissipate heat. But it’s not just about temperature, though—the open-cell design of the foam allows air to flow freely, keeping you cool even as you sleep soundly. The hardwood frame is meticulously handcrafted from sustainable sources and assembled by artisans, each position marked so that your mattress will arrive at your doorstep ready to go right in the box.

Because one’s temperature often changes throughout the course of a night’s sleep, Bear bed coolers are designed to wick away excess heat when you’ve been tossing and turning—and keep out excess cold when you finally start to settle in. In fact, the entire mattress contains Open-cell memory foam that allows air flow through the structure. Also, the graphite-infused foam offers heat absorption and dissipation support.

If you’re a restless sleeper, or you toss and turn throughout the night, chances are you’ve experienced shoulder pain. Lying on your side on a coil mattress creates gaps between the mattress and your body. These gaps will cause pressure points on your shoulders, hips, and lower back. It takes some adjusting to get used to this feeling, especially if you don’t normally lay on your side. The Bear mattress does perform well when lying on the back or stomach, with testers finding that there was very little gap around their bodies.

The Bear Foam Mattress is Twin sized mattress made with a unique combination of the best foams available, unlike conventional mattresses that were designed to conform to the body and cradle it. The super-resilient Talalay latex foam layers on top and bottom cradle you while the Bear Foam in between provides great comfort and motion transfer reduction. However, heavier sleepers tend to sink down more into the mattress, which makes it harder to move around. The Bear’s pressure point relief system allows air to circulate under pressure points, such as hips and shoulders, helping your body relax into the mattress more smoothly than on similar models. The covering is made of a soft polyester that isn’t available with many foam mattresses.

The Bear Collection is the first ever line of memory foam mattresses to be created with the sex in mind. This mattress will awaken your senses and bring you closer to your partner. The unique and highly responsive memory foam contours to your body like no other mattress, and it’s temperature sensitive so it adjusts to your body temperature.

Bear Mattress is an all foam bed with 150 spine friendly, hypoallergenic, VOC-free sleeping surface. The Bear’s interior is a copper infused Talalay latex that offers comfort and breathability, the center is a certified coil system that provides support and stability, and the exterior shell is durable suede cloth that can provide an enjoyable firmness level. The Sleep on Bear mattress will be your new favorite bed!

How Comfortable Is The Bear Mattress?

Side Sleepers

For Side Sleepers

Bear Mattress is a little different from other memory foam mattresses that are all-foam, due to its gel-infused foam. This technology helps to alleviate pressure points while promoting optimal airflow. The 10″ mattress features a plush top layer with the same gel-infused foam used in the construction of the rest of the bed. A soft knit, tufted layer adds extra texture and support for added comfort. And two layers of high density support foam give the product great structure. With well-thought out construction, improved airflow and its moderate price point, this mattress has something for everyone.

stomach sleepers

For Stomach Sleepers

The Bear Mattress is a perfect match for small to medium sized stomach sleepers. Its soft foam layers give it a plush feel while the open coil spring system provides plenty of support. A great choice for back and stomach sleepers who don’t need much padding—and don’t mind an uncomplicated, no-frills mattress with no bells or whistles.

back sleepers

For Back Sleepers

The Bear Mattress is a perfect match for small to medium sized stomach sleepers. Its soft foam layers give it a plush feel while the open coil spring system provides plenty of support. A great choice for back and stomach sleepers who don’t need much padding—and don’t mind an uncomplicated, no-frills mattress with no bells or whistles.

Bear Mattress Vs Casper

The Casper is a popular mattress, and it has a number of desirable features; however, when we compare the two mattresses, the Bear can be a good alternative. The Bear has similar construction as the Casper — transition foam, memory foam, and latex — with its top 2 layers being 2” of memory foam and 4” of Talalay latex. This leads us to think that the Bear should have a similar “feel” to it as well; which is true, as it feels very close to the Casper.

The Bear gets the same “cooling” score as the Casper, which is very good, and it also scores an above average rating in our sinkage tests, so we can assume they will have a similar feel as well. Compared to most other foam mattresses, the Bear only has a 3” of memory foam on the bottom; but since foam tends to conform to your body anyway — and memory foam especially — this shouldn’t be an issue. And lastly — for what it’s worth — the Bear does cost significantly less than the Casper.

What Are Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies For Bear Mattress?

Bear Mattress manufactures its own top-quality mattresses from top-quality materials and offers high-quality sleeping surfaces. They are available on Amazon as well as in limited sizes at their New York City showroom and Sleepare in New York City.

The Bear Mattress is free to ship via FedEx within the contiguous 48 states and Canada. Click here for more information on our shipping policy. The Bear Mattress is packaged compressed and wrapped in plastic. It generally arrives in 1-2 business days. It ships compressed and rolled for maximum savings, but it will unroll and expand over time. On average, the mattress expands completely within three hours, taking about 10 hours to reach its full size.

The 100-Night Sleep Trial experiment includes a mandatory break-in period of 30 nights; no return deliveries or restocking penalties.

A ten-year warranty covers material defects and production errors. A one-year warranty applies to the shell. The warranty covers rehabilitation or upgrades. All transport costs are the responsibility of the consumer.

Bonus: we have a coupon code on this page that makes the mattress a bit cheaper. You can always check Bear’s website for current offers and promotions.

Bear specifies that you test the mattress for 30 nights before deciding whether or not it’s right for you. If, after 30 days, you still don’t like it, just give the company a call and they’ll start the return process.

The Bear mattress is suitable for use on any flat, hard surface (e.g. platforms, adjustable bases, or the floor).

The mattress provides a good balance of comfort and support and might work well for back sleepers.

Its Celliant feature could help athletes recovery more quickly. I recommend doing your own research on this feature to see whether or not it is worth it to you or not.

The Bear mattress has off-gassing as well, but most reviewers note that the smell eventually dissipates after a couple of days, and there are no lingering odors.