DreamCloud Mattress Review (2022) – Is It a Good Mattress?

Founded in 2014, DreamCloud offers luxury hybrid mattresses. Selling only memory foam, the brand boasts that it’s the “World’s Most Luxurious Hybrid Mattress.” If you want to give your mattress an upgrade, DreamCloud is an option worth considering.

DreamCloud mattresses are available in three different models: the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, which is the top of the line model, the DreamCloud Luxury Firm, and the DreamCloud Hybrid.

In this DreamCloud Mattress Review, learn about the performance of the mattress as we take a deeper look at their construction, price, design, sizing, efficiency, policies and more of the DreamCloud Mattress to help you determine if the bed is right for you.

Dreamcloud Mattress 1
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • 365 Nights Sleep Trial
  • Forever Warranty
  • Financing Options

The DreamCloud mattress is a luxury hybrid model from a relatively young mattress company. The model has a medium-firm feel, and most consumers find it supportive enough for all sleeping positions. The DreamCloud has adequate edge support, and its average total thickness of 14 inches makes it a good choice for couples

  • Support – 3.5/5
  • Cooling – 4/5
  • Motion Transfer – 3/5
  • Durability – 3/5
  • Trial period – 4.5/5
  • Warranty – 5/5
  • Individuals finding both bounce and relaxation from pressure
  • Couples of different sizes and sleep patterns, in particular
  • Shoppers that are hunting for a premium hybrid at an economical price
  • Sleepers who prefer an unusually long trial for sleep
  • For contouring and pressure relief, side sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds do not sink in sufficiently.
  • The more sensitive feel of the DreamCloud can not provide an appropriate hug for any
  • The subtle motion transfer of the DreamCloud can be disruptive for people who are quickly conscious when their partner switches location.

DreamCloud Mattress Review – Our Honest Evaluation

The DreamCloud is one of the most interesting mattresses I’ve tested. Instead of a single comfort layer that only conforms to your body, they use three different ones. Two memory foam layers and a coil core create three distinct zones on the surface to conform to different parts of your body. The top foam layer felt great for sleeping on my back or side, but it did not feel as supportive during sex. The middle foam layer was most responsive for pressure relief during sex. The coil core didn’t change much during use however.

The DreamCloud has a lot of layers, so this section will be split up into three parts. The first part looks at each layer in the main comfort portion of the mattress. We will look at the cashmere cover, memory foam comfort layer, polyfoam transition layer, and individually wrapped coils which make up the firmness and support of the bed. The second part will discuss the transition from comfort to foundation. Lastly, I’ll evaluate if all of these layers provide increased airflow compared to an average mattress construction.

This mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. Each layer is independently warranted, so that if one fails you can replace it without having to replace the entire mattress. They are also confident enough in their product that they back the DreamCloud against defects in workmanship and materials for the full length of the warranty (10 years).

The comfort is out of this world! It’s as if my body finally decided to get an adjustment after sleeping on it for the past two weeks. PLUS, that mattress gets better and better every time you sleep on it. Every time I wake up in the morning, the mattress has molded perfectly to my body and it feels like I’m sleeping in a professional mattress or possibly a Tempur-Pedic level bed.

Mattress Prices and Sizing

TWith the DreamCloud, you’ll sleep like a baby but not pay like one. A luxury hybrid at a lower price point, the DreamCloud offers a lot in terms of features and performance for those who need it. This makes it a great value for customers looking for a mattress with high-end materials and construction without a high price point. It is available in all six standard sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for your needs. It is a luxury hybrid mattress that comes in at a lower price point than most competing models. It is therefore a good value for customers seeking a mattress with high-end materials and construction without having to pay a high price point.

DreamCloud comes in all six standard sizes.

Twin39″ x 75″ | 14 | 45 lbs$799
Twin XL39″ x 80″ | 14 | 67 lbs$899
Full54″ x 75″ | 14 | 86 lbs$999
Queen60″ x 80″ | 14 | 99 lbs$1099
King76″ x 80″ | 14 | 123 lbs$1299
California King72″ x 84″ | 14 | 123 lbs$1299

Mattress Performance

Constructed with multiple layers of memory foam, as well as a quilted cover, our mattress has the ability to help reduce movement on the memory foam surface itself. This could reduce sleep disturbances when one person gets up or changes positions during the night.

Pressure relief is critically important for side sleepers. A mattress that doesn’t relieve pressure can cause many issues, such as tossing and turning, back pain, and starting the day with sore shoulders. The DreamCloud’s two memory foam layers create a contoured shape fitting to each sleeper that eliminates pressure points.

The DreamCloud mattress receives high ratings for its temperature neutrality. A layer of gel-infused memory foam promotes airflow across the mattress’s surface and through its core, helping the sleeper sleep cooler. The cashmere blend cover keeps excess heat from building on top of the surface. At the same time, a cashmere cover can adapt to the sleeper’s body temperature more quickly, because it wicks heat away from the surface rather than trapping it.

The DreamCloud’s 12‑inch thickness and its underlying support system create a stable surface. When lying on the bed, sleepers don’t sense a lot of movement. The mattress also has a strong edge support system to help keep sleepers from feeling like they may roll off the mattress or sink to the middle. The edge is durable enough for most sleepers to sit comfortably on it, which is something many can’t do with some memory foam models. However, the 6‑inch latex comfort foam layer underneath the memory foam may cause some heat retention problems for sleepers who are sensitive to that issue.

The DreamCloud uses a coil layer, which works well for the mattress’ contouring ability. The coils push back naturally, making it easy to change positions on the mattress. Likewise, many hybrid mattresses that use coils also use memory foam to provide a slower response and more contouring. However, the DreamCloud is a medium firm with its coils and memory foam combination. Therefore, it’s easier to move across than many other coil/memory foam models we’ve tested.

The DreamCloud may be one of the most hybrid-like foam mattresses on the market. With its 3.5+ inch top layer of memory foam and a 6.5 inch layer of polyfoam, it is easy to categorize this mattress as a memory foam. However, the thickest layer is specifically designed to allow air flow, providing a sense of bounce that dramatically improves sex. With 8 inches of comfort layers, the DreamCloud could be considered a plush hybrid as well, but again, the design of the comfort layers give this mattress plenty of bounce and a feeling of floating, creating a unique sleeping experience.

The off-gassing odor permeated through the cardboard, and even through two layers of wrap my mattress had. It stunk. I unboxed my mattress in the guest bedroom because it was further from my bedroom and didn’t want to wake up to foul smells any longer than absolutely necessary.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Sleeping posture and body weight are two variables that will significantly influence how a mattress works. The DreamCloud has a versatile feeling that fits with a wide range of sleepers, making it ideal for couples of varying sizes of body and sleeping styles.

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a mattress that won’t mash their shoulders into the mattress and allow them to roll toward their back or stomach throughout the night. The DreamCloud’s 6” memory foam comfort layer should provide the level of contouring and pressure relief side sleepers need.

The DreamCloud’s pressure relieving comfort layer is key to its support. It allows the mattress to contour and support side sleepers of all shapes and sizes. This support is also necessary for back, stomach, and combination sleepers who need some lower back and lumbar support on a side sleeping mattress.

back sleepers

Back Sleepers

The DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress with a 10 inch thick foam core and 4 inches of memory foam in the top layer. At first glance this mattress might look like it’s made for back sleepers, but it has a nice balance of support at all sleeping positions which I can’t say for most mattresses in this tier.

The DreamCloud Medium Firm mattress offers a fun and light feeling, while still providing enough support for most back sleepers to get a restful night’s sleep. Back sleepers of all sizes and shapes will find it easy to achieve proper spinal alignment, thanks to this mattress’s thick coil core.

stomach sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

The DreamCloud could provide stomach sleepers of all sizes with very firm support and better spinal alignment compared to a traditional memory foam mattress.

The memory foam comfort layer is able to contour to the sleeper, but the medium firm feel provides just enough pushback to keep stomach sleepers from completely sinking in. This mattress is not as “sinking” feeling as some other models with memory foam comfort layers creating more uniform pressure relief across all body types.

SleepersUnder 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Above 230 lbs.
Side SleepersFairGoodGood
Back SleepersGoodGoodGood
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodGood

Awards for the DreamCloud Mattress

  • Best Mattress for the Money
  • Best Pillow Top Mattress
  • Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers
  • Best Hybrid Mattress
  • Best Mattress for Sciatica

What are Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies?

The DreamCloud Mattress is sold through Amazon and the DreamCloud website. Orders inside the United States via the DreamCloud website boats.

Inside the continental United States, the DreamCloud Mattress ships free. A $150 freight fee will be paid for exports to Alaska and Hawaii.

In general, mattresses ship within two to three business days. They are packed into FedEx, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a package. The customer is responsible for bringing the mattress to the room of their choosing with regular shipping, unpacking it, and setting it up.

The DreamCloud Mattress has a different type of warranty program compared to most mattress warranties. Instead of offering a free repair or replacement if the mattress develops an issue, the company offers a full mattress replacement and helps customers shipping the defective mattress back to the factory to be recycled. This warranty is only available through authorized sellers.

DreamCloud promises to repair mattresses it believes to have a protected flaw within the first 10 years of the warranty duration. DreamCloud can elect to fix or upgrade the mattress after 10 years. The client will be liable for transportation costs, which will be waived if there is a qualifying defect reported by DreamCloud.

Supplementary terms and conditions apply.

A 365-night trial is available for the DreamCloud Mattress. 30 days after the mattress is shipped, this testing phase starts to allow sleepers time to transition to their new mattress. During the testing phase, if the buyer wishes to return their mattress, they will obtain a full refund of the purchase price. DreamCloud may consult with the client to arrange the donation or recycling of the mattress.

For an extra $149 payment, DreamCloud provides White Glove Operation. This involves a new setup for mattresses and the possibility of replacing old mattresses. For this facility, an extra $20 mattress removal fee may also occur in most jurisdictions.